Dedicated to producing beautiful, affordable superbly functional fly reels for demanding anglers the world over.

Each McNeese reel is expertly hand-crafted by Dave McNeese, an internationally known fly fishing master. In 1990 Dave McNeese set out to create a fly reel that would be both superbly functional and masterfully crafted. His world renowned love of fly fishing and his expertise in the sport, provided the background he needed to undertake this adventure. The result was spectacular: Whether leisurely fishing for trout in a pastoral stream or vigorously fighting marlin in the hot sun off Costa Rica, McNeese has a reel to handle the task!

Each handmade reel is machined from solid 7075 aluminum bar stock for the utmost durability. Due to the cost, difficulty in anodizing and hardness of this aluminum, McNeese Reels stand alone among custom made reels. Dave’s reels are meticulously made with the most advanced space age ceramic material. The full-length bearing, housed inside the spool, is 60% ceramic, 40% graphite, as slick as wet ice, absorbs all heat generated by the spool as a gamefish runs and remains forever corrosion-free. The drag adjusts via a large unimpeded disk knob mounted under the handle — an angler can easily adjust drag while fighting a fish.

To Dave, the most important part of the reel is the drag spring. That is why Dave uses six different drag spring weights (one for each different model). This assures you the most drag for your money. In addition, working parts are made from 316 stainless steel to provide long life in the harshest fishing conditions.

The McNeese anti-reverse reel is designed to control gamefish faster with far less tippet breakage resulting in more fish landed.

All reels are completely hand finished, anodized, feature a recessed spool, stainless serpentine handle with beautifully crafted impregnated hardwood handles, and are available in black, gold or a gold frame and black spool.

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