Shimano Twin Power SW

Shimano Twin Power SW reviews:

4.8 rating
4.8 out of 5 stars (based on 21 reviews)
Very good14%

Shimano Twin Power SW details:

The Shimano Twin Power SW is for serious saltwater fishing action, the Twin Power SW spinning reels fuse Shimano technology for a reel with overwhelming durability, power and reliability to tackle any situation in any condition. Within the Twin Power SW series, anglers will uncover Shimano HAGANE reel design concept for the ability to fight big, powerful fish with confidence.

Ten SA-RB bearings mean that the winding experience with the Twin Power SW is exquisite, no matter how big the fish or high the drag setting. They have the gear ratios to go the distance, and line capacities for that unexpected monster, especially when spooled with Power Pro. The use of braid is backed up by incredible drag power —11kg in the 4000SWBXG, through to 25kg on the 14000SWBXG.

The SW technology which was previously exclusive to the flagship Stella adorns the Twin Power family. With sizes from 4000 through to a powerhouse 10000 size, these are seriously tough reels, appealing to saltwater anglers seeking all sizes of fish including big game blue water species. Freshwater spinning experts will also appreciate such top-end quality. Bristling with advanced features including AR-C spool, SR one-piece bail arm and Waterproof Rigid Support Drag. Gear ratios range from 4.9:1 on the 8000PG model, to a pacy yet perfectly measured 6.2:1 on the 5000. Powered by S A-RB bearings, these are true thoroughbreds.

Hagane Body: Metal reel body with high rigidity. The body stiffness and resistance virtually eliminates body flexing. The result transforms your actions directly into cranking power.
X-Ship: Provides greater power transmission efficiency through the use of large precision cut gears with increased bearing support
X-Rigid Rotor: shape and thickness of the aluminum rotor creates high rigidity that results in more fish fihgting power. Increased mass of this rotor generates more inertia resulting in easier fishing of heavy jigs and high resistance lures
X-Tough Drag: Applies pressure from above and below the drag washers and distributes that pressure across a larger surface area. This results in a stable, tough drag system.
X-Shield: By placing sealing gaskets in 12 critical locations throughout the rigid aluminium body, thus a water resistant structure that can hold up against the toughest conditions and fish out there.
X-Protect: The first lip in the proprietary three-lipped rubber seal system is designed to keep low pressure water out. Then grease between the second and third lips resists high pressure water while enhancing a smooth rotor rotation. Sealing at the roller clutch is the optimal location to prevent water intrusion.

Shimano Twin Power SW model specifications:

Model Number:
Gear Ratio:
Line Per Handle Turn:
Weight oz:
Mono Line Capacity:
Braid Line Capacity:
Max Drag:

Shimano Twin Power SW FAQs:

Does the 4000 size come with felt or carbon drag washers?

Twin Power SW 4000 comes with felt drag washers.

Would the 4000 or 5000 pair better with an 8ft heavy power rod for striped bass?

The 5000 series twinpower will pair up better.

Do you have handle to sale for twin power sw?

The handle can be purchased directly through Shimano.

Can you recommend spinning rod for reel 4000 sw?

It's difficult to recommend a rod for the reel without knowing what you are planning to target with that set-up. In the most general terms, a 7ft to 7'6 inshore rod in the Medium-Medium Heavy range would be the deal. If you have a specific purpose in mind for the rod, please give us a call and we can walk you through some options!

Is this reel 4000 SW to heavy for summer fluke?

I wouldn't say so. That would be a pretty versatile size reel that you could easily use for that as well as striper fishing, tog/sea bass jigging, and a number of other things in your area.

does the 10000 or the 14000 have manual or auto bail closure?

The Shimano Twinpower 10000 and 14000 has a manual bail.

what would the best Jigging Rod for SW10000 Twin Power?

I would recommend the Black Hole jig rods with that reel.

Should I pair this reel with st croix legend surf?

This reel would be a great option with the Legend Surf.

Shimano Twin Power SW Video:

Shimano Twinpower XD
Watch this video on YouTube.

Shimano Twin Power SW Reviews:

Smooth as Silk

5.0 rating

This reel was smooth as silk and I placed 50-lb Blue Power Pro braid line on. I hooked into several large Amberjack and Snapper and a huge shark. I have this thing married to a Shimano Type J jigging rod and boy the flex on that rod. Everything handled beautifully!!!!


5.0 rating

Excellent. The TP 10000 SW BPG is perfect. I wanted something I can creek fish with and also catch 40 pound tunas with. This is it. BTW the handle I got wasn’t the o shaped handle pictures it was more like a () handle. Which I like More so I’m not complaining

Super smooth retrieve

4.0 rating

Landed a few 20 lb stripers at the Cape Cod Canal. Super smooth retrieve. Awesome drag. Still waiting for the ultimate test of a 40+ lb fish.

Good for saltwater ocean big game fish.

5.0 rating

Caught a number of trevally and barracuda. Very smooth and light, excellent for popping for big fish. The price for this quality reel is good.

If you can't put the cash out for a Shimano Stella grab one

5.0 rating

Very nice reel. Well made and super fast. They updated the reel handle to a big nob and it makes all the difference in the feel.

Five Stars

5.0 rating

Yes I am happy with my twin power sw ab 14000xg.

Best Reel

5.0 rating

I use this with a 13′ Hatteras surf rod with 30 lb powerpro superslick. It is very nice to retrieve the line so quickly. I have used nothing better than this reel. I have five other Shimano reels that are quite good and less pricey. I like the Twin Power.

smoothest reel ever

5.0 rating

Hi, I just bought this reel at a local shop for my dad for fathers day and we think it is a great reel. Very smooth. I feel that the reel is worth the extra money spent because of the quality. I just had my Penn 850ss tuned up for 32 dollars and I bought it 25 or 30 years ago. Some people buy cheap reels and replace them every few years so what are you really saving. At least that’s what I tell myself when I hand over my credit card. Great reel we love it

The ultimate budget Shimano stella

5.0 rating

Smooth reel, great drag, love the power knob. it’s just a budget Shimano stella! but once you get a Shimano stella phew…

Awesome Tuna Jig Reel.

5.0 rating

Lower gear ratio than the 14k with almost the same size spool. I spooled it with 65 braid and put this reel on the shimano game type J 605s and had the perfect setup for inshore tuna. Took fish to 68′ on the jig with no problem.

Really? 4000XG comes with felt drag washers

4.0 rating

Really? 4000XG comes with felt drag washers.
Everything is fine except the handle and drag washers.
1. 4000XG handle is 60mm long with EVA knob vs. 5000XG handle is 65mm long with CI4+ knob
so, I upgraded 4000XG handle to 5000XG handle.
2. 4000XG has the felt drag washers so I upgraded to the Carbontex drag washers.
3. I added O-ring to Handle Screw Cap
Pros – feels strong I think Twin Power SW is better than Twin Power XD

twin power 8000

4.0 rating

Very nice all around saltwater reel.

Great reel for the money!

5.0 rating

One of the best reel out in the market for the money.

Top shelf performance at a great price

5.0 rating

Currently using this reel in 3000, 4000, and 8000 sizes. Almost everything feels nice out of the box, but does it last? These reels are used hard, and have continued to preform at the highest level. My absolute favorite for everyday fishing. From speckled trout to tarpon its my favorite.

I came here under the fish gear guide for dorado

5.0 rating

I have seen these in person before at a local shop and was impressed with the smoothness of the retrieve, but i didn’t think it would be used for mahi or even bigger fish (the guy who worked there was not very fishing knowledgeable), and couldn’t even tell me the line capacity or drag. I usually don’t like spinning reel setups and prefer using my Penn international 975 baitcaster reel setup when i fish for mahi. This reel does look like a monster though with 62 lbs of drag…..are you kidding me. You could probably tow a small car with that.

A Must Have Reel

5.0 rating

This is a must have reel that can do almost anything. The drag is Unbelievably smooth at top end – we catch everything from snappers to Yellowfin tuna on this reel. Great product for the Angler Who is focused on quality and performance

Best reel ever

5.0 rating

This is the smoothest, strongest reel I own. The drag is smooth and strong and it casts like a dream. I use it for spinning of the beach. I know I can handle whatever takes the bait!!!

Extraordinary Reel

5.0 rating

Super smooth and powerful. Similar features to the Shimano stella at half the price. It is my go to boat plugging reel. I love it. I have it paired with a custom 8′ medium heavy rod.

Nice, not a Shimano Stella

3.0 rating

Met all casting and drag expectations, great reel for Baja shore fishing, squeaks-going back for service at seasons end.
Pros – Casting distance Drag performance
Cons – Squeaks during high speed retrieves

Shimano twin power SW spinning reel

5.0 rating

The twin power is light, strong and has the same top end features as the Shimano Stella at half the price. I have 2 Shimano Stella SWs and after using the twin power feels like it will be my go to reel. I also use the twin power in fresh water application.
Pros – Light, strong and same feature as top end Shimano Stella at half the price

New Shimano twin power SW spinning reel

5.0 rating

New product was available as soon as announced and during ICast. This product is strong and durable with Shimano Stella SW features at half the price. Very impressed with the product after first use in Captiva, Florida. Very good performance.

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