Daiwa BG Spinning Reels Review: What are the Pros and Cons?

Daiwa BG Saltwater Spinning Reels are so smooth with digitally cut gears and seven ball bearings. Daiwa BG has been redesigned; lately, these reels are now extremely powerful yet priced just right. There’s a size for your every fishing need, whether it’s inshore, offshore, or shark fishing. The next generation of the ever-popular Daiwa BG Saltwater Spinning Reels spinning reel series just got leaner and meaner. This complete series ranges from ultralight freshwater actions to heavy big game saltwater models.

Feature Details: Latest Daiwa BG TECHNOLOGY Used in This Reel

This is a wonderful reel. I’ve owned a Daiwa reel for over a year now, and it’s still silky smooth. It’s taken numerous dunks under the water in the surf and been dropped many times in the lakes and creeks surrounding my neighborhood. After some fair self-servicing and cleaning, it’s as smooth as the day I bought it. The only complaint I have is the line roller bushing, and it’s worn thin. I wish it was a bearing instead. So let’s check out the features-

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Black Anodized Machined Aluminum Housing (“Hard Bodyz” Body & Side Cover)

Daiwa BG is equipped with a machined aluminum body and body cover, providing strength and internal part stability. To increase the strength in the form of corrosion and scratch resistance, Daiwa has Black Anodized the body and body cover. The anodization process allows for better adhesion to the aluminum and will not chip or peel like a painted surface, extending the brilliant look of the BG spinning series.
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Daiwa BG spinning series have integrated the largest drive gear in the history of Daiwa spinning reels. The benefit of having this oversized gear increases gear-tooth contact points, and this provides smoother and extended gear life as well as more power and increased torque.

Solid Screw-In Handle

Daiwa’s Screw-in-Handle design provides zero movements or play between the main gear and handle arm. This lack of movement offers the angler both confidence and control when rotating the handle.


The Air Rotor weighs up to 15% less than ordinary rotor designs. Its unique shape reduces unnecessary weight while distributing stress more evenly throughout the rotor for maximum strength.


The ABS spool’s maximized core diameter and reversed taper mean 100% usable line. No “dead” line is buried in a deep core. You can fill it with a line right up to the edge of the spool lip without fear of tangles. ABS cause less casting friction for longer and easier casting. The huge spool diameter line flows freely in larger coils and produces less line memory coil. Smaller spool diameter means line flows in tighter coils as well.

Quick Overview at a Glance:

  • Black Anodized Machined Aluminum Housing (“Hard Bodyz” Body & Side Cover)
  • Over-sized Digigear (Digigear™ System)
  • Solid Screw-In Handle
  • Air Rotor
  • Dynamic Cut Aluminum ABS Spool
  • Braided Line Ready Spool
  • Waterproof Drag System
  • Carbon ATD
  • Machined Aluminum Screw In Handle
  • Manual Return Bail (4500 and Larger)
  • 6BB+1RB
  • Infinite Anti-Reverse System (4000 and Smaller)
  • Infinite Dual Anti-Reverse System (4500 and Larger)
  • BG Series 4500 and Above Have A Manual Trip Bail for Durability

Daiwa BG Spinning Reels Model Specifications:

Model Number:
Bearings: Gear Ratio: Line Per Handle Turn: Weight oz: Mono Line Capacity: Braid Line Capacity: Max Drag:
6+1 5.6:1 28.3″ 8.5 4/155, 6/100 8/220, 10/130 4.4
6+1 5.6:1 29.5″ 8.5 6/135, 8/110 10/160, 15/130 4.4
6+1 5.6:1 33.2″ 9.3 6/210, 8/170 15/190, 20/170 13.2
6+1 5.6:1 37.4″ 10.8 8/240, 10/200 15/280, 20/240 15.4
6+1 5.7:1 38.5″ 14.1 10/240, 12/210 20/310, 30/230 17.6
6+1 5.7:1 39.9″ 14.3 10/300, 12/260 20/370, 30/280 17.6
6+1 5.7:1 43.1″ 22.0 14/350, 17/280 40/340, 50/270 22
6+1 5.7:1 47.4″ 22.6 14/470, 17/380 40/480, 50/360 22
6+1 5.3:1 48.7″ 29.5 20/370, 25/310 50/550, 65/440 33
6+1 5.3:1 53.3″ 30.0 20/550, 25/440 50/730, 65/590 33

Daiwa BG Spinning Reels Video:

Daiwa BG Saltwater Spinning Reel
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My Personal Review on Daiwa BG Spinning Reels

Great for the price

This is my first ever review on anything. I had to make this statement about my Daiwa BG spinning reel. I have two other brands of spinning reels. They both are great brands Shimano and Quantum. All the reels I purchase are priced at 99.99 -129.99. I paid only $99.99 for the Daiwa BG, which was a steal compared to how smooth this reel cast, and the big knob on the retrieve made it that much easier. Honestly, I didn’t like the feel of the big knob when I tried it out at the store, but it is great.

Fantastic Reel

This is an amazing reel, especially in this price range. You have to pay twice as much from competitors to get what you do with the Daiwa BG. I know this because it performs just as well, if not better, than my ShimanoStradic. Disregard the 3-star review from a guy who doesn’t even own one…..he just can’t find the size he wants.
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This pushes the high-end reel market without breaking the bank. You really cannot go wrong by adding this reel to your arsenal.

The only Reel I truly trust

Smooth in both inshore and offshore

Saltwater Compatible

Outstanding Reel

The attached photo is a 23.5″ largemouth taken with a 2000 size Daiwa BG spooled with 6lb Sniper. The reel was flawless all the way through the fight, absorbing multiple strong runs smoothly and gaining line with every turn of the handle. I headed to the coast for some inshore fishing in a few weeks and looking forward to giving these a workout down there. If you’re looking for a reel in the $100 range and aren’t considering this one, you’re making a bad mistake. Believe the hype, Daiwa has produced a real winner here.

Highly Recommend!

Crushes the Competition

Best $100.00 reel on the market, period! Well built, solid, you can feel it. Top-of-the-line bearings, smooth drag. The machined handle threads in and zero play between the handle and reel body, with no back and forth between the handle and the handle knob. I’ve been a Shimano guy for years, but they have nothing near this good unless it’s 2-3 times the price. I never thought I’d say it, but it’s true.

Setbacks I Experienced: Not the Reel Fishermen praised for many years

Final Thoughts

The spinning reel is beautifully made and meticulously arranged with all moving components. Long-distance casting is so easy, and retrieving my bg 4000 reel has the feel of knifing in butter. The handle knob is exactly what I wanted. Click sound is not that loud but sweet. Presently I am using this reel with Fenwick Methods Travel Rod without any problem and am very satisfied… Thanks to TD for delivering the reel safely on time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What size will Daiwa BG handle yellow and blackfin tuna?

Answer: The Daiwa BG6500 would be your best bet for the yellowfin and blackfin tuna.

Question: Is the Daiwa BG4500 handle knob riveted or Philips screw?

Answer: The knob is riveted.

Question: Do you know where I could find a round handle knob for the Daiwa BG8000?

Answer: You may be able to order one straight from Daiwa.

Question: How many lines do you think a Diawa BG5000 could hold if I use a 25lbs mono line?

Answer: I would ESTIMATE somewhere around 180 yards.

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  1. What size Daiwa BG spinning reel would you recommend for Red Snapper fishing in the Gulf in 200 feet of water off Florida? I go there a few times a year and go out on party charters and I’m fed up with their gear. I was thinking the 5000 but think the 6500 might be better but I also don’t want to over kill it and look foolish. Thanks Tracy

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