Daiwa BG MQ Review 2024 [One-Piece Frame Design]

The new Daiwa BG MQ from 2024 is here, a heavy-duty spin reel that brings revolutionary Daiwa advancements like a monocoque body to an unprecedented affordable price point. Upgrades have been made to almost all areas of design and build. Specific improvements have also been made to each reel size to maximize performance. So go through our Daiwa BG MQ review article to know if the spinning reel is worth the money.

Daiwa BG MQ is ready to battle whatever the sea can throw at you. By reimagining the way a spinning reel is designed, the Daiwa BG MQ saltwater spinning reels put unprecedented strength into the hands of saltwater anglers of all stripes.

Daiwa BG MQ Technical Specifications Chart

Specification Details
Model Daiwa BG MQ
Product Family BG
Product Type Spinning Reel
Release Year 2020
Material Monocoque Aluminum Body, Aluminum Spool
Ball Bearings 6+1
Gear Ratio Options 4.9:1 – 6.2:1 (depending on model)
Retrieve Rate Varies by model (refer to manufacturer’s guide)
Drag System ATD (Advanced Tournament Drag)
Max Drag 22-33 lb (depending on model)
Line Capacity (Mono) Varies by model (refer to manufacturer’s guide)
Line Capacity (Braid) Varies by model (refer to manufacturer’s guide)
Line Retrieve Per Crank Varies by model (refer to manufacturer’s guide)
Weight 8.3-30.2 oz (depending on model)
Handle Position Reversible (right or left hand)
Body Construction Monocoque Aluminum Body
Spool Material Aluminum
Waterproof Rating Not specified
Technology Monocoque Body, DigiGear, Air Rotor, Air Bail, ATD
Warranty Limited 1-year warranty

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Quick Overview:

  • Monocoque aluminum body
  • ATD drag system
  • TOUGH DIGIGEARCarbon drag discs
  • Infinite Anti-Reverse
  • ABS aluminum long-cast spool
  • 6 ball bearings
  • Hi-Grip handle knob
  • CNC-cut aluminum handle

Daiwa BG MQ Saltwater Spinning Reel Review

Built around a single-piece Monocoque aluminum body, the renowned BG series of reels is now stronger and lighter than ever before. Here you can check our honest review.

Impressive cranking power and torque 

With the Monocoque design, the reel body serves as a stiff, distortion-proof frame that keeps the reel’s internal components in precise alignment, even under the most extreme drag pressures. This allows for increased cranking power and torque while extending the life of both the gears and bearings of the reel.

One-Piece Body Design

Daiwa is proud to introduce the next generation of BG spinning reels to saltwater anglers of all stripes, this time with a one-piece Monocoque aluminum body. Light and strong like a Formula One racing car, the reels are lighter and stronger through the use of monocoque body technology.

Not only does a single-piece body provide extreme rigidity and strength, but it also eliminates the necessity for pins and screws to hold the body together, thus making the reel more resistant to water intrusion. The reel also features nine internal rubber seals at key areas like the drag stack, spool shaft, handle, and side plate, making it well equipped for long seasons in the surf.

Durable Construction

The MQ body construction not only has the obvious benefits of a stronger & more compact body design, but it also delivers an increase in gear durability thanks to absolute zero movements of drivetrain components once installed inside an MQ body. Weather sealing is also significantly improved, with seals visible in multiple locations throughout the reel. Daiwa BG MQ is built for the harshest of environments.

Big offshore reel

Featuring Daiwa’s precision-cut DigiGears that are between 20% and 40% larger than those of the competition, the Daiwa BG MQ is built for unrelenting power. With sizes ranging from backwater reels for flounder and speckled trout to large offshore reels made to battle giant bluefin tuna, the Daiwa BG MQ has all your saltwater angling bases covered.

In terms of application, the reels are designed for everything from inshore to heavy offshore fishing, with models like the Daiwa BG MQ 2500D-H perfect for speckled trout to models like the Daiwa BG MQ 20000 designed to withstand the pressures of fishing giant bluefin tuna.
Daiwa BGMQ Body partsCheck Today’s Price

Waterproof body

With the Monocoque design, the reel body serves as a stiff and distortion-proof frame, which is handy and compact at the same time. It offers more rigidity, more stability, and bigger gears. The Water Resistance is superb, and the Monocoque body offers more power and torque as a result.

The reels also feature an all-aluminum frame and feature Digigear technology. The gears also feature a larger tooth pattern, giving the gears a much longer gear life and durability than competitive reels. Tests reveal a gear life that is one to three times the length of competitive reels.

Affordable Price

Daiwa’s BG series has changed the game of affordable quality in heavy-duty spinning reels. Now, by combining Monocoque Body (MQ) technology with the mass market appeal of BG, 20 BG MQ is born.

Compact Body

The screwless design principle of MQ bodies is also significantly more compact than a standard body design. Screws need material to grip, meaning more overall size and mass in traditional body designs. By replacing the side plate with a machined aluminum engine plate that screws directly into the reel body, MQ reels can maximize the internal space made available by using larger-size drive gears than before.

Features Details of Daiwa BG MQ Fishing Reel


Compared to conventional spools, the LC-ABS has been shown to increase the average flight distance by approx. 5% due to its reduced weight and modified shape. Casting performance has also been improved with the implementation of the Long Cast ABS (LC-ABS) spool design. LC-ABS spool design improves line flow from the spool, resulting in increased casting distances across the board with both heavy & light lines.


Daiwa’s Automatic Tournament Drag uses an improved drag grease that exhibits a low viscosity at rest yet becomes more viscous immediately after drag starts up. This reduces initial drag startup inertia and, combined with the structural changes of the ATD Drag System, results in a smoother drag from the initial hook up.

Daiwa BG MQ Spinning Reel DragCheck Today’s Price

Throughout the entire line-up of Daiwa BG MQ, vast improvements have been made to almost all areas of the reel design. The drag has been improved in maximum capacity and smooth overall performance, drastically reducing the friction of the Carbon ATD drag – Daiwa BG MQ’s drag performance is unmatched by the competition.


Rock-solid in strength and performance, the alloy is tailor-made for Australian conditions. It allows a reel to be created that is light yet strong, supremely rigid, and highly corrosion-resistant.


A one-piece frame eliminates the use of traditional two-piece body & side plate construction. A single-piece body utilizes a screw-in engine plate to house the main gear, reducing flex and twisting under load, creating a sealed mechanism. The elimination of the side plate also has also allowed for a more compact body design. MQ technology makes reels stronger & better sealed, and more compact.

Monocoque Body (MQ) is the biggest revolution in spinning reel design from Daiwa by eliminating the traditional two-piece body construction. MQ reels don’t use any side plates and feature a completely screwless body design, eliminating potential entry points for water & grime and significantly enhancing overall body strength and rigidity.


Daiwa’s first generation of digitally engineered gear design ensures a perfect mesh between the ultra-tough stainless-steel drive gear and pinion gears for optimized speed, power, durability, and smoothness.


Lightweight and incredibly strong, aluminum allows strength and weightlessness to be achieved without other metals’ cost and corrosion issues.
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Small-size Daiwa BG MQ (2500-4000) features dramatically larger-sized drive gears. Middle-sized models 5000 & 6000 now feature the Rigid Air Rotor design, maximizing strength and appeal for mid-weight sportfishing applications. Larger size Daiwa BG MQ from 8000-20000 receive huge benefits as a result of the MQ body, with the leg & main body drastically increased in strength without increasing weight.

Daiwa BG MQ model specifications:

Model Number: Bearings: Gear Ratio: Line Per Handle Turn: Weight oz: Mono Line Capacity: Braid Line Capacity: Max Drag:
BGMQ2500D-H 6BB + 1 5.7: 1 21.5′




6BB + 1
6.2: 1 36.8′ 9.3 10/280,




6BB + 1
6.2: 1  39.1′  10.1 10/360,




6BB + 1
5.7: 1  37.8′  15.3 14/280,




6BB + 1
5.7: 1  39.9′  15.2  14/340,




6BB + 1
5.7: 1  43.4′  22.4 16/330,




6BB + 1
5.7: 1  46.2′  22.8 20/330,




6BB + 1
5.7: 1  48.3′  22.6 25/330,




6BB + 1
5.3: 1  49.4′  30.5 35/330,


65/440, 80/330  44.1
6BB + 1
5.3: 1  52.9′  30.3 40/330,


80/440, 100/330  44.1

Daiwa BG MQ Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Where is Daiwa BG MQ manufactured?
Answer: The new Daiwa BG MQ models are manufactured in Malaysia or Korea.

Question: What is the reel weight of the Daiwa BG MQ 4000D-H
Answer: The 4000 model Daiwa BG MQ weighs 10.1 oz.

Question: I currently have a 9ft St Croix Mojo MH rod. Any suggestions for reel size?
Answer: I would recommend a Daiwa BG MQ 5000 size model for the 9′ rod.

Daiwa BG MQ Video:

What I Feel About Daiwa BG MQ Spinning Reel:


I am very impressed after 2 weeks of use. The reel is very smooth under load, and the new Dragknob is easier to set and loosen. The Daiwa BG MQ is my go-to reel for this fall season.

Very lightweight reel and super smooth

I have a Daiwa BG MQ 6000, and it’s smaller than Shimano Saragosa 6000. I definitely prefer the Daiwa over the Shimano.


Daiwa BG MQ marks a new era in affordable saltwater spinning reels from Daiwa, with MQ technology now available to the masses. Daiwa BG MQ is built for the harshest conditions and is set to once again revolutionize the industry. Available from 2500-20000 size, Daiwa BG MQ is now aligned with 20 Daiwa Saltiga sizing. Throughout the BG MQ range, improvements have been made specific to the size of each reel to maximize their performance and overall appeal to each target market. So the spinning reel is highly recommended.

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