Expert Reviews on the 10 Best Shimano Saltwater Spinning Reels in 2024

Shimano is one of the most famous fishing reel brands and has a huge collection of user-friendly fishing reels for both beginners and professional anglers. In this article, we are going to review the 10 best Shimano fishing reels you can buy this year.

Shimano Ultegra FC

The totally NEW Shimano Ultegra FC is built for anglers who are looking for a reliable spinning reel to lure fish for freshwater perch, pike, zander, or saltwater sea bass. It provides high-end features.

If you like a multi-colored fishing reel with an ambidextrous handle, the Ultegra FC can be your best companion. It is made with a very strong blended material, so it can last a long time. Moreover, there is G-free body technology available with the fishing reel. It can reduce fatigue and enhance casting comfort. It is a lightweight product weighing 0.31 kilograms.

Shimano Ultegra FC fishing reels

Shimano Ultegra FC Spinning Reel Technical Specifications:

Specification Value
Model: Ultegra FC (1000, 2500, C3000, 4000, C5000)
Bearings: 4+1 (4 ball bearings, 1 roller bearing)
Gear Ratio: Varies (5.0:1 – 6.2:1 depending on model)
Line Retrieve (cm): Varies (66-105 cm depending on model)
Weight (g): Varies (205-315 g depending on model)
Drag Power (kg): Varies (3-11 kg depending on model)
Line Capacity (mm/m): Varies depending on model
Handle Position: Reversible (Right/Left)
Price: Check Price

Shimano Twin Power XD

The NEW Shimano Twin Power XD has been redesigned and refined in 2022 to set a new standard in saltwater durability. Now featuring exclusive Shimano reel technology upgrades such as Micro Module Gear II, MGL Rotor, and Silent Drive, the new Shimano Twin Power XD is built to be both lighter and stronger.

Shimano Twin Power XD fishing reels

If you are fond of ultra-smooth reeling, you can choose the Twin Power XD. Its MicroModule Gear II technology helps to enjoy this reeling experience. Although it is a costly fishing reel, the user-friendly features make it money-worthy. It is a lightweight aluminum-made fishing reel that weighs only 245 grams. Its handle is also made of aluminum but has a stainless steel bearing.

However, if you want to enjoy long-casting fishing, you should not forget to purchase the Twin Power XD.

 Technical Specifications of Shimano Twin Power XD:

Specification Value
Models: C2000S, C2500S, 3000XG, C3000HG, 4000XG, C5000XG
Bearings: 9+1
Gear Ratio: Varies (5.1:1 to 6.2:1 depending on model)
Line Retrieve per Crank (in): Varies ( 26 – 40 depending on model )
Max Drag (lb): Varies ( 7-24depending on the model )
Weight (oz): Varies (6.7 – 10.1 depending on model )
Line Capacity (Mono lb/yds): Varies ( 4/160, 6/110 – 12/195, 14/165 depending on model )
Line Capacity (PowerPro lb/yds): Varies ( 10/95, 15/85 – 20/220, 30/200 depending on model )
Price: Check Price


Shimano Sedona FI

The Shimano Sedona FI is a beautifully designed spinning reel and the lowest-priced spinning reel of Shimano that features Shimano’s HAGANE Gearing.

The graphite-colored Sedona FI fishing reel from Shimano presents a gorgeous appearance. It is an aluminum-made fishing reel that is so lightweight (0.1 kilograms). This reel has cold-forged Hagane gears. They provide unparalleled gear durability.

The fishing reel’s double-anodized machine is suitable for increasing line capacity. You can get the different sizes of Shimano Sedona FI (from 5000 to 8000) if you want. The Japanese-designed Shimano Sedona FI includes fewer ball bearings.

Technical Specification Of Shimano Sedona FI

Technical Specification Details
Model: Shimano Sedona FI
Product Type: Spinning Reel
Series: Sedona
Bearings: 3+1 (3 Ball Bearings, 1 Roller Bearing)
Gear Ratio: 5.0:1 (1000-3000 sizes), 6.2:1 (4000-5000 sizes)
Retrieve Rate: 24-41 inches per crank (depending on size)
Max Drag: 7-24 lbs (depending on size)
Line Capacity (Mono): Varies (2-6 lbs/100-240 yds for 1000 depending on size )
Line Capacity (Braid): Varies (10-30 lbs/95-210 yds for 1000 depending on size)
Weight: 7.6-21.7 oz (depending on size)
Material: Hagane Gear, G-Free Body, XGT7 Body
Technology: Propulsion Line Management System, Varispeed II Oscillation
Handle Position: Reversible (left or right)
Price: Check Price

Shimano SpeedMaster XTC Surf Casting

The Shimano SpeedMaster XTC Surf casting reel is loaded with signature Shimano technologies, and the Shimano SpeedMaster XTC is a high-performance workhorse surf fishing reel built to provide surf anglers with advanced long cast capabilities at an incredible value.

Shimano SpeedMaster 14000 XTC is a high-performance reel. The reel is a budget-friendly and high-performance fishing reel. It is a lightweight aluminum-made fishing reel that weighs 0.78 kilograms. The color of the reel is black, and it has an ambidextrous handle. It is also wonderful fishing equipment for casting in both saltwater and freshwater.

Technical Specification of Shimano SpeedMaster XTC

Feature Specification
Product Name Shimano SpeedMaster XTC
Product Type Surfcasting Reel
Gear Ratio 4.3:1
Ball Bearings 4+1
Line Retrieve per Crank 40 inches (102 cm)
Max Drag 20 lbs (9 kg)
Line Capacity (Mono) 12 lb/550 yds, 16 lb/350 yds, 20 lb/265 yds
Line Capacity (Braid) 50 lb/425 yds, 65 lb/315 yds, 80 lb/230 yds
Weight 23.1 oz (655 g)
Handle Side Reversible (Left or Right Hand)
Spool Material Aluminum
Body Material Graphite
Waterproof No
Drag System Cross Carbon Drag
Anti-Reverse Instant Anti-Reverse
Price: Check Price

Shimano Vanford F

Check out the new Shimano Vanford F, designed to be the ultimate finesse fishing reel. Comes with a super fast start-up, better than the iconic Stradic Ci4+. This stunning reel is equipped with a range of technology upgrades that set the Shimano Vanford F apart.
The Vanford F fishing reel by Shimano comes with a water-resistant feature and an attractive, long-lasting performance. Although the small Van Ford F does not provide a long-stroke spool, it has some other advanced technologies. It also has Hazane gear, which is present in most Shimano fishing reels. However, you can also enjoy the proper smoothness of fishing with the tough and durable Shimano Vanford F.

Technical Specification of Shimano Vanford F Saltwater Spinning Reels

Feature Specification
Model Shimano Vanford F Series
Bearings 7+1 S A-RB ball bearings
Gear Ratio Various (Ranges from 5.3:1 to 6.4:1, depending on model)
Drag Power Range Various (Ranges from 7-24 lbs, depending on model)
Line Retrieve Per Crank Various (Ranges from 26″-41″, depending on model)
Weight Range Various (Ranges from 5.3-9.9 oz, depending on model)
Line Capacity (Mono) Various (Varies depending on model and line weight)
Line Capacity (Braided) Various (Varies depending on model and line weight)
Body Material CI4+
Handle Material Aluminum
Spool Material Cold Forged Aluminum
Max Drag System Cross Carbon Drag
Drag Material Carbon
Gear System Hagane Gear
Line Management System Propulsion Line Management System
Casting System Long Stroke Spool
Anti-Reverse Super Stopper II
Water Resistance X-Protect
Price: Check Price

Shimano Twin Power SW

The new Shimano Twin Power SW for 2024 is designed for the most demanding saltwater fishing actions.

Are you a serious saltwater angler? The Twin Power SW will give you the perfect durability and strength, which are very necessary for saltwater fishing. There is an overwhelming drag performance in this reel. It dissipates heat away from the spool and reduces the drag force drop caused by friction. If you want to enjoy an infinity drive with the Hagane body and Hagane gear of the reel, you can choose the Twin Power SW. It weighs 23.1 ounces and has ambidextrous hand orientation, so there is no problem whether you are left-handed or right-handed.

Shimano Saragosa SW

Shimano Saragosa SW saltwater spinning reel is part of Shimano’s offshore spinning reel line up dedicated to the Blue Water anglers.

There are top-tier Shimano technologies in the Saragosa SW. These technologies are Hagane gear, Hagane body, X-ship, and X-protect. So, the Saragosa SW includes sufficient features for saltwater fishing. However, the Hagane body can maintain an extensive load of big fish, and the Hagane gear is reliable for smooth reeling. The expert bait casting ability of the Saragosa SW fishing reel can make both inshore and offshore fishing easier for you.

The Argentée color of the Shimano Saragosa SW gave it a unique outlook. It also has waterproof cross-carbon drag.

Shimano Stradic FL

The new Shimano Stradic FL saltwater spinning reel is the latest edition to a line of some of the best saltwater spinning reels that have served as a benchmark.

When you want a lot of features at a pocket-friendly price point, you must search for something better and more exceptional. The Shimano Stradic FL presents features that can make you satisfied.

Shimano Stella SW C 2024

The new Shimano Stella SW C Spinning Reel from 2024 is the latest edition to the legacy of Shimano Stella SW C saltwater spinning reels that have led the fishing world in durability, power, and operability.

If you want an updated fishing reel with extraordinary and user-friendly features, you have to find out about the latest ones with the new model. Shimano Stella has been updated; the new one is Stella SW C 2024. Stella is a fishing reel that comes with a multicolored outlook. The IPX8 waterproof body of this fishing reel ensures that you can easily enjoy saltwater fishing with sufficient durability.

Shimano Syncopate Spinning Reel

The Syncopate is a product with an exceptional SC1000FGC color. This spinning reel weighs 0.65 pounds, which is very lightweight. It also includes an ambidextrous handle. The disadvantage of the Syncopate spinning reel is that all may not like the color of the reel. But the user-friendly features of the product prove that your investment will not fall through.

How do I clean a Shimano spinning reel?

If your Shimano reel gets dirty, you should not be worried. There are some simple ways to clean fishing reels at home. You should use a soft brush and a soft towel to do the task. Moreover, a trustworthy cleaner or degreaser is also necessary. To do the task, first, you have to disassemble the reel. Now, clean every single part of the reel with the cleaner. Apply the cleaner and then rub it with the brush. Finally, you can rinse the reel with water and wipe it with a soft towel.

How do I take apart a Shimano spinning reel?

First, you have to take off the spool. Check whether there is any sand or other dirt inside the spool. Now, take a flathead screwdriver and pop it into the inside part of the spool. Now, locate the screws that hold the fishing reel parts tightly. You can use a flathead screwdriver to remove the screws from the fishing reel. Finally, keep the spring, screws, and other smaller parts on tissue paper so that you can easily find them when necessary.

Where are Shimano spinning reels made?

There is a misconception among Shimano users that fishing reels are made in the USA. But it is wrong. Actually, those fishing reels are made in Japan. However, the company was established in 1921 in Osaka, Japan.

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