What I Experienced With The Shimano Ultegra FC Reel- Review

The totally NEW Shimano Ultegra FC is built for anglers who are looking for a reliable spinning reel to lure fish for freshwater perch, pike, zander, or saltwater sea bass. It provides high-end features and technologies previously only seen on much more expensive reels. The traditional model has evolved significantly. Winding, casting, durability, and basic performance are totally different. These features ensure gear strength, durability, and operational performance. The new Shimano Ultegra FC is part of the Coresolid concept, which offers a unique silky reeling, which is distinctive for Shimano reels.


Quick Highlights on The New Shimano Ultegra FC Spinning Reel

  • It’s a very strong and durable HAGANE main gear that is produced with Shimano’s unique cold forging process.
  • The New MICRO MODULE GEAR II and SILENT DRIVE ensure an overall smooth operation of the reel, even under high pressure or load.
  • The LONG STROKE SPOOL adds casting distance and accuracy by application of a longer spool stroke compared to regular reel spools.
  • The X Protect feature provides excellent water resistance without creating a heavy rotation feeling.
  • The new Shimano Ultegra FC also features G Free Body technology to reduce fatigue and enhance casting comfort.
  • The stiff but lightweight CI4+ body is the perfect protection and support for the HAGANE gear, X-Ship system, and shielded A-RB bearings to work to their maximum effect and efficiency.

Why Should You Get a Shimano Ultegra FC Spinning Reel?

Including the Micro Module Gear II used in Shimano STELLA, it is generously equipped with the latest mechanism inherited from the highest-end models such as long stroke spool, silent drive, and X protect. By greatly improving basic performance such as winding, casting, and durability, it will take your fishing to the next stage. Shimano wants you to experience this evolution.
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Affordable Price

The new Shimano Ultegra FC is the ultimate evolution of one of Shimano’s most popular mid-priced reels. Containing many of the latest technical features found on top-of-the-range SHIMANO reels like Shimano Stella, at a superb price that defies reality, the new Shimano Ultegra FC range offers remarkable value.

Equipped With All The Latest Features

The combination of HAGANE Gear, MicroModule II, X-Ship, and Silent Drive ensures the very best winding performance, even under pressure, with faultless smoothness that enhances the fishing experience. X-Protect technology prevents water from getting into the moving parts of the line roller and roller clutch, extending longevity and delivering failsafe performance.
The Shimano Ultegra FC Reel reviewCheck Reviews

Long Casting Range

For distance casting, the Long Stroke Spool design and AR-C Spool enable the line to flow more freely during the cast, and the addition of a CI4+ Body reduces overall weight for less fatigue when fishing for extended periods. For a final touch of refinement, Shimano Ultegra FC features a seamless one-piece bail that allows the line to travel unimpeded onto the line roller, reducing friction and limiting tangles.

Durable Composite Body & X-Protect Technology

The sleeping giant rests no longer. The new Shimano Ultegra FC is a feature-packed powerhouse, offering premium performance for all anglers. Ruggedly designed from cover to core with a hint of elegance in design, the match of Shimano’s CI4+ composite body and cold-forged HAGANE Gear provides extreme durability and sensitivity with less weight.

MicroModule Gear II and SilentDrive technologies improve gear mesh and minimize overall play in construction to provide increased reel performance. Improving upon standard protection against corrosion, Shimano Ultegra FC incorporates Shimano’s X-Protect technology and makes it the easy choice for anglers seeking utility in fresh, brackish, and saltwater environments.

Different Models

The new Shimano Ultegra FC 2500, 2500SHG, C3000, C3000HG, and C3000XG will be released in March 2022, And 1000, C2000S, C2000SHG, 4000, 4000XG, and C5000XG will be released in April.
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The New Shimano Ultegra FC Reel Review– Greatly Evolved With the Latest Features

The all-new Shimano Ultegra spinning reel is an eye-catching reel that is engineered to be the best in class. Available in stores from early spring 2022. Below we have listed some key features that you will get with every purchase.

Lightweight CI4 + Technology

The lightweight carbon material is a new carbon material that evolved from CI4 +. The rigidity and durability have been greatly improved while maintaining lightness, and the size and weight have been further reduced.

“HAGANE” gear

The metal block is pressed at a pressure of about 200 tons and finished with micron accuracy without cutting. A unique technology called precision cold forging creates hard, tenacious gears and enables smooth winding comfort.

Advanced Micro Module Gear II

Micro module gear II evolved by the most advanced tooth surface design and manufacturing technology unique to Shimano. We reviewed the design of each gear tooth and each tooth surface to pursue the ideal tooth shape. We have also achieved a reduction in noise and an improvement in smooth gear feeling.


A gear system that efficiently transmits the input power and enables more powerful winding. Light reeling is achieved by increasing the size of the gear, reviewing the optimum arrangement, and improving tooth surface accuracy and support performance.

Silent drive

The basic design of the entire body and drive-related parts have been reviewed one by one, and minute backlash, gaps, and shaking between parts have been thoroughly eliminated in every detail. There are various areas to be improved, such as drive gears, worm shafts, worm shaft pins, and worm shaft gears. A new dimension of smooth rotation performance and quiet winding comfort has been achieved.

X Protect (Spinning)

Small and medium-sized general-purpose reels: For small and medium-sized general-purpose spinning that requires lighter rotation, we have focused on a non-contact structure so as not to impair the lightness of rotation. In addition to the conventional water-repellent treatment, a labyrinth structure that suppresses the ingress of water is combined to achieve high waterproof performance while being non-contact. It is used in the stopper bearing and line roller.
Large reel for saltwater: A contact-type waterproof structure is used for large saltwater spinning reels that require higher waterproof performance. By physically cutting off the seawater intrusion route with a low-sliding type seal member, high waterproof performance has been achieved while suppressing rotational resistance. It is used for the stopper bearing, and line roller, and especially the stopper bearing is equivalent to the waterproof standard IPX8.

G free body for safety

It has succeeded in bringing the center of gravity of the entire spinning reel closer to hand by arranging sliding functional parts for moving the spool back and forth on the upper part of the Shimano Ultegra FC body. This improves the sense of unity with the rod, reduces fatigue caused by casting and improves rod operability.

AR-C spool

A spool that has been made lighter by Shimano’s original processing technology in order to achieve both the two purposes of “no trouble” and “extending the flight distance.” The “line rectification effect” due to the special shape of the spool ring adjusts the line emission to the best condition.

LONG-STROKE SPOOL To Cover Long Distance

A spool with a long stroke is designed by increasing the width of the spool, and it is possible to reduce the amount of line loss in the latter half of the cast, which contributes to improved cast feeling and flight distance.
shimano ultegra fc reel reviewsCheck Reviews

SA-RB Feature

SA-RB is the industry’s first “surface modification” to form a “passivization layer” and realize a bearing that keeps rust away. Furthermore, SA-RB has its sides sealed with a rust preventive material to significantly reduce salt shavings due to salt re-crystallization inside the bearing.

One-piece bail

An integrally molded ultra-fine veil that has achieved extremely hard and scratch-resistant strength by injecting the best cold forging technology. The structure without steps has overcome problems such as the line getting caught.

Shimano Ultegra FC models specifications Chart:

Shimano Ultegra FC Spinning Reel ReviewHERE YOU CAN GET ALL THE ULTEGRA FC SIZES

Model Number:
Bearings: Gear Ratio: Line Per Handle Turn: Weight oz: Mono Line Capacity: Braid Line Capacity: Max Drag:
5+1 5.1:1 25 6.3 2/270, 4/160, 6/110 10/95, 15/75, 20/65 7
5+1 6.0:1 35 7.9 6/200, 8/140, 10/120 10/150, 15/145, 30/100 20
5+1 6.2:1 40 9.5 10/200, 12/160 15/230, 30/180, 50/120 24
5+1 6.0:1 35 7.9 6/230, 8/170, 10/140 10/200, 20/140, 40/105 20
5+1 6.2:1 40 10.1 12/195, 14/165 20/260, 30/235, 40/185 24

Shimano Ultegra FC Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the Shimano Ultegra stand up against corrosion?

Ultegra FC incorporates Shimano’s X-Protect technology and makes it the easy choice for anglers seeking reels for use in fresh, brackish, and saltwater environments.

Does it come with an extra spool?

Unfortunately, the Shimano Ultegra FC does not come with an extra spool.

Shimano Ultegra FC Video Review:

Shimano product planner & developer Bart Jan Van Den Burg walks us through the key elements of the new Shimano Ultegra FC in the video below


A reel for all anglers and any situation, the new Shimano Ultegra fishing reel is loaded with high-quality Shimano features for increased performance. Shimano’s original high-performance bearings that keep the rust away, S A-RB, A-RB, and the antiseptic treatment of the exterior make it safe to use even in sea fishing. We recommend washing in the shower after use so that you can use it comfortably for a long time.

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