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Penn Battle III DX Review- Ideal For Saltwater Angler

The new Penn Battle III DX saltwater spinning reels are built tough to withstand whatever the saltwater angler puts these awesome fishing reels through. From your first striper to your hundredth red drum, The new Penn Battle III DX is the ultimate reel for every angler.

In the version of the Penn Battle, we outdid ourselves again, pushing the envelope on what you can expect out of a reel. Now fitted with CNC Gear Technology, HT-100 Carbon Fiber Drag System, and a full metal body, the Penn Battle III DX is fluid, fast, and fierce.

What sizes are available?

The Penn Battle III DX comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 2500 to 8000. Sizes 2500 – 5000 are equipped with brass pinion gear and also bronze main gear. Bigger species require even more durability, so Penn Battle III DX sizes 6000-8000 feature brass pinion and brass main gears.

High-speed models are available in the 4000, 6000, and 8000 sizes for fishing fast-moving species like bonefish and kingfish. Whether you’re wading for flounder or trolling for tuna, outfit your rig with a reel that can handle the job.

Comparison: Penn Battle III DX Vs. Penn Battle III

We also put on spool shaft bearings Penn Battle III DX compared to the regular Penn Battle III. Saltwater spray stings your weathered cheeks as the bow crests the first wave. The thundering silence of the sea absorbs you. On the horizon, birds circle above, their shrill caws ringing out like a battle cry.
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Be it a red drum bull or a hungry school of tuna, whatever’s prowling in the deep blue depths, rise to the occasion with a reel that can conquer—introducing the Penn Battle III DX saltwater spinning reels.

The Penn Battle III DX reels are more powerful than the previous Penn Battle III spinning reels. Brass main gears are in every size, along with an improved HT-100 drag system. Transfer more power through the gears to your big catch on the other end of the line with oversized EVA handle knobs.

Features: Why Should You Buy a Penn Battle III DX Reel?


Saltwater fishing requires drag that lets you work with the fish, not against it. Our high-tech carbon fiber drag washers are lubricated with PENN’s proprietary grease to ensure that your first catch reels in as smoothly as your last, no matter how heavy the load. Engineered with longevity in mind, you can pull in 100 miles of line off of the reel with no wear on the washers.


Tough from the inside out, the Penn Battle III DX rigid framework keeps gears protected from saltwater and always in alignment.


When it comes to crafting saltwater spinning reels, precision is the key. That’s why we use state-of-the-art software and CNC machinery to cut the Penn Battle III DX drive and pinion gears straight from the metal.
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Compared to gears fashioned from molds, the Penn Battle III DX is not only stronger in design but also more accurate in alignment. With true alignment comes flawless performance and a saltwater spinning reel that can endure the most formidable of elements.


No backing is needed on this “braid-ready” reel. The Penn Battle III DX comes stock with a tailored rubber gasket to keep the super line from slipping. The Penn Battle III DX also has a 6+1 stainless steel sealed bearing system.

So a lot of people are familiar with our CNC gear technology. Their machine cut is super precise, super smooth, and super strong. These are now going to be in the Penn Battle III DX spinning reel, so this will be the CNC gearing at our most valued price point. Also included in the Penn Battle III DX is the standard HD 100 drag system and all the features you’ve come to expect from the aluminum body the aluminum.

Penn Battle III DX Review Based on Personal Experience

I’ve been playing around with the Penn Battle III DX for the past few weeks, and I am so impressed by this reel. I highly recommend it. When I first got the Penn Battle III DX, we started testing them. I was right off the bat impressed by the full metal body that it has.
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I mean, you know, it just wants something that lasts, something that is meaty like this. The Florida Keys have so many species, you know one day we’re offshore targeting sailfish, snappers, groupers, then we come inshore we got tarpon, permit and everything in between.

CNC Mechanism is Super Smooth

One of the biggest changes in this reel is the CNC machining of the gears. So what it does is it cuts the gears out of one solid piece of metal, and that makes it so much smoother and better and stronger.

One of the most important parts for probably all fishermen it’s a smooth drag in the HD. 100 drag, it’s just simply incredible. The Penn Battle III DX comes in six different sizes, and they also have a size that comes in high speed.

Ideal For Professionals

I really like the high-speed professional reel special when I’m deep-dropping on the racks, and you know, you don’t want to take forever reeling it back up.

The main Penn saltwater spinning reels are known worldwide as being the best in fishing. This is the limited generation of the Penn Battle III DX, and you can see how in every different step, every different generation, the amount of work that thought that gets put into it, it really comes from fishermen in people that really want you to have the best product available on the market.

Can Perform in Any Conditions

The Penn Battle III DX has the drag to handle a series of abuse. So if you want something that lasts, something that is dependable, something that we can do when you get off work, and you want to go get a tarpon or get some dinner, then this is the reel that’s going to perform for you.

Penn Battle III DX model specifications:

Model Number:
Bearings: Gear Ratio: Line Per Handle Turn: Weight oz: Mono Line Capacity: Braid Line Capacity: Max Drag:
6+1 stainless 6.2:1 33in 9.70 255/6 175/8 140/10 240/10 220/15 160/20 12lb
6+1 stainless 6.2:1 35in 11.60 200/8 165/10 120/12 250/15 180/20 130/30 15lb
6+1 stainless 6.2:1 37in 12.20 270/8 220/10 165/12 360/15 260/20 185/30 15lb
6+1 stainless 5.6:1 36in 18.80 225/12 200/15 135/20 420/20 300/30 240/40 25lb
6+1 stainless 5.6:1 41in 20.80 335/15 230/20 210/25 490/30 390/40 335/50 25lb
6+1 stainless 4.7:1 38in 27.70 340/20 310/25 230/30 475/50 390/65 345/80 30lb

Frequently Asked Questions on Penn Battle III DX:

Is the Penn Battle III DX smooth under pressure?

This is a very solid, well-designed reel, and I would assume that this reel is very smooth under pressure with the brass gears and full metal construction.

What is the difference between the DX models over the regular Battle III model?

The biggest difference is that Brass’s main gears are in every size of the Penn Battle III DX as opposed to the Battle III, which only has the brass gearing in the 6k-10k models. The stronger gearing makes for a more robust and powerful reel.

Penn Battle III DX Video Review:

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Some disadvantages I found while fishing with the reel

One thing that troubles me is that the side-bearing cover is made out of black plastic. These have long been made out of metal, it’s light and cheap, and that part of the reel is prone to get bumped on things. If that cracks or breaks, there’s direct access to the side bearing. I’ll be packing the reel with grease on not needing access very often, but still. Penn should know that consumers would gladly pay an extra $1 to have superior components.

Bought the Penn Battle III DX 6000 model and could not be happier to fit 500 yds of 30lb braid. I hooked a shark, and it handled it with ease could not be happier! It surely handles great with big fish!

Final Overview- Best Reel For The Money

You can’t ask for a better bang for your buck. I have the Penn Battle III DX 3000, and it’s a little heavier than expected, but no big deal. As a lifelong Penn fan, I was excited to get my new Penn Battle III DX 5000. I’ve got it spooled up with 400 plus yards of 20lb braid and mounted on new Battalion II 12-20. The drag is smooth, and the frame light and strong. Not a fan of these new black handles Penn is using, but not a big deal.
Great spinning reel for blackfish! What I like the most about the Penn Battle III DX is that they’re taking advice from professional fishermen and building a product that is for the full spectrum of fishermen. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro for this price point, you can’t get a better fishing reel in the market. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a budget reel.

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