Shimano Twin Power XD Review-Made for Rough Circumstances 

The new Shimano Twin Power XD has been redesigned and refined in 2022 to set a new standard in saltwater durability. Now featuring exclusive Shimano reel technology upgrades such as Micro Module Gear II, MGL Rotor, and Silent Drive, the new Shimano Twin Power XD is built to be both lighter and stronger. This new Twin Power XD model has the following features compared to its original 2022 Twin Power – Magnum Light (Ci4+) rotor, Barrier Coat spool ring, and Carbon Cloth heat resistant washers to offer a lighter handle turn and much more durable operations. Besides, the reel has all the standard features that we will discuss in this Shimano Twin Power XD review article.

Why is the Shimano Twin Power XD Reel worth money?

All NEW Shimano 2022 Twin Power XD is made in Japan and offers both weightless comfort and advanced durability. What we love about this spinning reel is-

Ideal For Long Casting

Its spool stroke is longer than previous models, and it is now the same as that of high-end Stella to be able to cast as long. Gear teeth are micro-modules to remove any noise. Major moving components are tuned to reduce noise in operation. The redesigned Long Stroke Spool improves casting distance, and the new MGL Rotor delivers ultra-light friction-free rotation.
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Saltwater Compatible Waterproof Reel

To prevent saltwater intrusion, X Protect provides Shimano’s highest degree of protection. X Protect, developed specifically for the Shimano Twin Power XD series, uses a waterproof labyrinth structure that blocks any external saltwater entry. There are three Shimano Twin Power XD models, all with nine SA-RB bearings and one roller bearing, including a compact 3000 and 5000 size, alongside a standard 4000 size.

Super Smooth Gear System

They are suited to inshore light jigging and lure casting. The Micro Module Gear II and Silent Drive make the gearing extremely silent and smooth. The main Hagane Gear provides strong cranking power, and X-Protects provide superior saltwater resistance.

Lightweight & durable body

Ci4+ construction reduces weight by 35 to 55 grams when compared to the original Shimano Twin Power XD from 2017 and the aluminum Hagane Body provides rigidity. Featuring a Cross Carbon Drag system that outputs up to 24lb, all models are fitted with upgraded power handle knobs.

Toughness and sensitivity are not often words affiliated with one another, but both define the new Shimano Twin Power XD, Shimano’s toughest offering in the Magnumlite Series of the best spinning reels.

Excellent reel in terms of performance

Shimano Twin Power XD’s MGL Rotor provides light, sensitive rotation for increased control while working a lure or jig with purpose and precision. The MGL Rotor also provides anglers a distinct advantage when needing to come tight quickly to set the hook when that inshore game fish decides to bite.

Shimano Twin Power XD also encompasses Shimano’s MicroModule Gear II technology to provide anglers with refined and ultra-smooth reeling. Constructed with a rigid aluminum HAGANE Body for increased rigidity and increased power transmission, the Shimano Twin Power XD increases an angler’s efficiency when fighting even the toughest of inshore game fish.

Shimano Twin Power XD 2022 New Models:

Shimano Twin Power XD Spinning Reel Review 2024

The new Shimano Twin Power XD features the battle-tested cold-forged Hagane Gear, X-Ship, Magnumlite Rotor, and more. Below you will get all the details on its features.

Aero Wrap II

This two-speed oscillation system layers the line onto the spool in a crisscross pattern that reduces line-to-line friction for longer casts. Aero Wrap reels utilize a patented worm gear design to move the spool upward quickly and downward slowly to wind the line in a precise pattern, reducing friction, and giving smoother, longer casting ability.


CI4+ is an advanced version of the original CI4. This highly technical material is 2.5 times stiffer than CI4 and is used to increase weight savings.

Cross Carbon Drag

This drag material provides a wider range of drag settings and the smoothest Shimano drag performance ever.

G-Free Body

G-Free Body technology has been developed to shift the reel’s center of gravity closer to the rod. By moving the center of gravity closer to the angler’s hand position, the G-Free Body helps to reduce fatigue and enhance casting comfort.

Hagane Body

The HAGANE Body is a metal reel body with high rigidity. The body stiffness and impact resistance virtually eliminate body flexing. The result transforms the angler’s actions directly into cranking power. It’s efficiency through strength.

Hagane Gear

With amazing strength and durability, the HAGANE Gear is at the very heart of the reel. Shimano, through the application of state-of-the-art technologies, gives you the long-lasting smoothness and pleasure that you feel when you first use a reel, over and over again.

No cutting work is applied to the teeth of the drive gear. Instead, the entire surface is calculated in minute detail by a special 3D design and then formed by Shimano’s cold forging technology. The result is assured resilience. It’s the fruit of Shimano’s inexhaustible pursuit of durability; the strength and power of forged metal continue to represent the fundamental concept of Shimano reels.

Long Stroke Spool

The Long Stroke Spool has longer strokes compared to conventional spool designs. This long-stroke specification results in a greater casting distance.

MGL Rotor

The Magnumlight Rotor is 25% lighter, offering better balance and requiring 22% less inertia, making it easier to start and stop your retrieve for an overall smoother feel. The ultra-light, fast-response MGL rotor provides precise lure control, while HAGANE Gear and aluminum body provide durability for relentless cranking power. The addition of MicroModule II and Silent Drive further enhances the smoothness and fishing experience.

MicroModule Gear II

State-of-the-art gear tooth surface design and MicroModule Gear II are further advanced through Shimano’s exclusive manufacturing technology. The drive gear and pinion gear surfaces have been analyzed and updated from the ground up in pursuit of perfection.

One-Piece Bail

One-Piece Bail allows the line to travel unimpeded to the line roller. Its seamless design reduces friction and the change of tangles or cuts to the bail arm.

Propulsion Line Management System

The most obvious component of the Propulsion Line Management System is the new Propulsion spool lip design. Through tens of thousands of casting tests and computer simulations, it has been determined that this new spool lip design provides longer casting distances than a standard spool lip design while preventing backlashes and wind knots from forming.

Rigid Support Drag

By strengthening the spool support of the main shaft, the play and fluctuation of the spool during a drag operation are suppressed, allowing smooth drag delivery even under a high load.


These bearings have been through the same process as our A-RB bearings but feature shields on both sides of the bearings that reduce the possibility of salt or sand inhibiting the bearing’s rotation.

Silent Drive

From the fundamental, whole-body design to the most intricate parts of the drive train, including the drive gear, worm shaft, worm shaft pin, and worm shaft gear, every piece has been carefully reviewed, and the smallest clearance gaps and wobbles have been eliminated to the highest tolerances.


By combining our water repellent coating and our specially designed water channeling labyrinth construction, X-Protect provides high-level water resistance without sacrificing light gear and rotor rotation.


X-Ship provides improved gear durability. By supporting the pinion gear on both ends with bearings, the pinion gear maintains precise alignment with the drive gear. This means the gears will stay in the same position under the heaviest loads. The added benefit is that friction between the spool shaft and gear is eliminated. This will enhance the casting performance of the reel with lighter lures and allow for longer casts.

Shimano Twin Power XD Features:

Shimano Twin Power XD model specifications:

Model Number:

Bearings: Gear Ratio: Line Per Handle Turn: Weight oz: Mono Line Capacity: Braid Line Capacity: Max Drag:
10+1 6.2:1 40 8.6 10/200, 12/160 15/230, 30/180, 50/120 24
10+1 6.4:1 37 7.1 6/230, 8/170, 10/140 10/200, 20/140, 40/105 20
10+1 6.2:1 40 8.6 12/195, 14/165 20/260, 30/325, 40/185 24
Shimano Twin Power XD Video Review:
New for 2024: TwinPower XD
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With the new Shimano Twin Power XD you don’t need a Stella!

Rated 5 out of 5

I have been using the new Twin Power 3000 size for a wide range of saltwater fishing since its debut, and it turned out as my Shimano Stella killer reel. The new spool design releases the line with less friction, and it is quite exciting and satisfying to see my rigs fly this long. The reel winds up lines with less load than my older Twin Power reels did. I had 3 previous models of the Twin Power reel, and this new model is far better than any of them. Compared to the latest model, this new one feels more solid at heavy loads and operates impressively smoothly and efficiently.

Final Verdict

The new Shimano Twin Power XD re-writes the rule book and is the most powerful model in the MAGNUMLITE series. Designed for the inshore saltwater angler, it is equally at home fishing for large predators in freshwater, thanks to its sensitivity and super-fast rotation. A reel built for toughness without sacrificing sensitivity, the new Shimano Twin Power XD has no equal for inshore anglers.

Add to that the internal protection from saltwater with X Protect, plus superior casting performance from the Long Stroke Spool design, and you have the perfect strong, lightweight, and durable reel for the serious saltwater angler.


Is the Shimano Twin Power XD made in China or Japan?

The new Shimano Twin Power XD The spinning reel is made in Japan.

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