How to use a Garmin Striker Plus 4 or 5cv?

The Garmin Striker Plus 4 and 5cv models are one of the most worth-mentioning fishfinders, which have the utter ability and consistency to recoup for bass anglers. Most anglers need to learn the utter urgency to operate the Garmin Striker Plus. As a result, they make a silly mess. So it is very crucial to know the very secret inches of the device. 

We are here to improve their ultimate fishing techniques and experience. Garmin Striker Plus is equipped with advanced sonar capability and has a mass reputation for its intuitive interface. The Strider Plus 4/5cv is here to locate fish in a more scientific way. But before that, you need to know the basics of using this device. In this article, we will try to explore the various attributes and instincts of this device, and also, we will make a huge spotlight on making this device easier to use than before. The tremendous features of the Garmin Striker Plus 4 and 5cv need a proper guide to use it with sheer comfort. Let us dig deep into the system.  

Step Instructions
1 Mount the Garmin Striker Plus 4 or 5cv onto your boat using the provided mounting hardware.
2 Turn on the unit by pressing the power button on the back of the device.
3 Choose your preferred language and adjust the display settings as needed.
4 Select the sonar view you want to use by pressing the “Home” button and selecting “Sonar.”
5 Adjust the sensitivity and range settings to your desired level by using the keypad buttons.
6 Use the GPS function to mark and navigate to your favorite fishing spots by utilizing the chartplotter feature.
7 Customize your display by adding or removing data overlays and adjusting the color palette to suit your preferences.
8 Interpret the readings to identify fish, structures, and bottom contours. Use the zoom function to focus on specific areas of the water column.
9 Use the waypoint function to mark specific locations for future reference.
10 Turn off the unit by pressing and holding the power button.

What is actually the Garmin Striker Plus 4 and 5cv? 

The Garmin Striker Plus is an awesome fishfinder that applies sonar technology for locating all the fish underwater. This device features a large 5-inch display and comes with a built-in GPS, making it easier to track the GPS location. This device is capable of finding the ultimate fishing spots. The Striker Plus 4 has been designed in a more user-friendly way. The intuitive interface greatly impacts navigating the device’s excellent features. You need to have a clear knowledge of the settings and menu. Suppose you are a noob, do not worry. We have tremendous ideas that will be helpful to guide us in using this device in a more unique and diversified way. Garmin Striker Plus 4

How do you use the Garmin Striker Plus 4 or 5cv fish finders? 

Using a fish finder may look very simple, but if you don’t know the real process, the site will look like a steep mountain with literally no limit. Here, we have tried our best to imply a standard outlook on how to use the Garmin Striker Plus 4/5 in some conclusive ways.

Install the main transducer

The first step for implementing the Garmin Striker Plus 4 or 5cv is to install the transducer with the box. This part of the device is responsible for making the internal systems. It generally sends and receives the sonar signals all the way to the main instrumental instincts. All these terminologies make it all the way to incognizable manipulations. This is so helpful in enlisting the alpha location of fish in the water. There is a rigid transducer that should be injected into the bottom of the boat. This has been connected to the Striker 5cv or Striker 4 and has a provision for recognizable cable  

Power On the Device

After all the mainstream lines have been set up for the illusion mechanism, it has a long-term implication allowed with the preferable sigma. Even after the transducer is installed, the duty is to survive long-term imperial astonishing invertibility. A mighty and most cervical power is related to the Striker 5cv. Perfect initiation is so crucial for further convergence with device manipulation. To start the device, you can choose the perfect power button press. The device needs to have cooperated with the internal modulation. The device will take a couple of minutes to boot up and display the main menu.Garmin Striker 5cv

Navigate the Main Menu

Both the main menu of the Garmin Striker Plus 4 and 5cv models are so exclusive, and the thing that needs to be remembered is to maintain the sublime mechanism properly. This is the place where you can search all of the device’s astounding features. Manipulate the settings options for a detailed and more accurate pinpointing of the device’s coverage. You can have secret access to the prime sonar screen, rigid view maps, adjust all the settings, and there are more to come. Also, you can use and apply the directional pad to easily navigate the menu. You need to be also much more careful about the selection of the option. So it is very necessary to master the actual navigating module. 

Adjust the Sonar Settings

In a nutshell, the sonar feature is the lifeblood of the fish finders. To start using the sonar implications of your Garmin Striker 5cv, you need to have selected the ultra-modular Sonar option from the main deposit menu. You can adjust the sonar settings according to your needs and requirements. You must choose from an ocean of sonar modes. For this adjustment, the sensitivity and depth range is so much necessary.

Read the Sonar Display 

You can easily apply the device’s mainstream zoom feature to get a closer compounding of the fish, and it is also simple to adjust the core sensitivity for fish finding. Sometimes fish tend to hide in deeper waters. The Strider Plus comes with different types of display settings. This usually allows you to customize and adjust the device’s incident appearance. It is possible to change the color scheme in the display section. We have a mix of consistent backlight and font-size colors to make the display more user-friendly. The imperial inputs make a close read for different lighting conditions. After the final adjustment of the sonar settings, initiating the device for locating fish is crucial. The sonar display is capable of showing a colorful graphical representation., The underwater terrain seems diverse in nature, and any fish can take shelter in the area.

Use the GPS consciously

The Garmin Striker Plus 4 has a robust built-in GPS, which makes the outer mechanism simple for tracking all the locational values for finding the favorite fishing spots. For using the GPS, selecting the Map option is crucial. You can find this in the main menu. From here, you can view the actual location on the map. After that, you can set possible waypoints and also can navigate between different areas. Garmin Striker Plus 4

Save all the Settings menu

When all the adjustments are completed, you must take the activation of the sonar facility and accumulate with the possible GPS settings. You need to be sure to save the customized settings. This will make sure that the device keeps all the records of your preferences, and when you again turn on the device, start from where you have left off. 

Necessary aspects to consider while using the Garmin Striker Plus

It does not just unwrap the fish finder and start to use this. You need to be vigilant about so many aspects for the successful implication of the Garmin Striker Plus 4 device. We have enlisted some of the very useful aspects to be in a condition of adjust all the tools as you prefer, 

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Understand Sonar Readings 

It is crucial to understand how the sonar display operates on the Garmin Striker Plus 4/5. If you follow the exact procedures, then it will be pertinent to have the exact amount of fish, and it will be so much simpler to have an enormous attendance at the wake. When the arches appear on display, they make a robust companion, and this enclosure will persuade a different race or entity. The larger the fish has been encountered in this season needs more enthusiastic collaboration. Larger arches mean there is a wide chance of catching fish.   You may find all the fish icons or fish symbols on display, and it will depend on the device’s main settings. 

Use the Split-Screen Feature

 The Garmin Striker Plus 4/5 has been incorporated with a split-screen option, allowing a simple view of multiple displays simultaneously. You may be so cautious about having a wider view of the sonar display. Some of them are alongside the GPS map or view multiple sonar displays at the same time. This can help you keep track of different areas of the water and locate fish more easily.

Use the Waypoints Feature

The Waypoints attribute has been the game changer for the Garmin Striker Plus 4/5. This is given for marking specific locations trialed on the GPS map. This is so handy for marking those areas where fish come along in a diversified manner. The entire process has a wide marking range related to the thawed location filled with hazardous potentials in the water. You can also apply the mainstream Waypoints attribute to build up a route that gives a large follow-up on the water. 

Interpret with the Sonar footage sample 

This makes a large implication for spending a large quantity of inaugural for making some time on investing on how to interpret the sonar technology of Garmin Striker Plus 4/5. This will be handy for distinguishing between several types of fish and the location of the areas where fish will take shelter. You need to invest some time in experimenting with different sonar methods and modes with sensitivity settings. It will better give an awesome understanding of the device’s working mechanism. 

Use the CHIRP Sonar Mode 

The Striker Plus 4/5 has been occupied with so many CHIRP sonar modes, which makes it more sophisticated with a view of the underwater environment. The CHIRP sonar gradually sends a wide range of frequencies into the water. It makes the device more insulated with a more accurate and detailed picture of the terrain surface. This is applicable to any fish which is in the adjacent area. You can perform some Experiments with the CHIRP mode in order to witness if it runs in more detailed manipulations of the underwater conditions.

Consider introducing a Second Transducer

If you feel that one sonar is insufficient, you can allow another one that will play a supportive role with the previous one. It is better to introduce a second transducer to the Garmin Striker Plus 4/5. We have been suspecting the tremendous theology that consisted within the addressing chamber. The relevant posture will make an imposter junction that sends a specific monologue to the rated system. We have inspected a long and timid introspection of the fish-finding technology. At the end of the method, it will advocate another methodological sigma. This is so self-explanatory that it can inject a newer dimension to the even more detailed sonar information. 

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We have been so mesmerized by authority for being in the largest trajectories in a well-mannered sonar. The second transducer can be mounted on the opposite side of the boat to create even more diversified fish findings. It is mainly the perpendicular view provided due to external inclusion. This is like a full-swing metro station. The bottom-mounted transducer makes no mistake with being in the ideal position and also considers larger manipulation circumstances. We will be making a huge impact on the verified mega project, and it actually lies deep in the system. Locating fish that are meant to be in the main circumstances has a deeper waters arena. These areas are hard for the mainstream figure. This makes a larger inception with a single transducer elimination process. 

Use the Fish ID+ Feature 

The Fish ID+ attributes make a new dimension on the Garmin Striker Plus 4/5, and it has been designed to help identify different types of fish schools. When Fish ID+ is on the go, it insists on the device’s main display mechanism of the fish icon. 

This is because of the non-extinguishable documentation. The next thing is to identify any moveable objects. The combination of the size and shape of the main fish icon can provide so many clues about the actual size and species. However, that has been the case for most crucial things related to the Fish ID+. This is not always an accurate listing, which may help identify some fish. 

Keep Your Transducer Clean 

You need to keep the transducer crystal clean to get the best result from the Garmin Striker Plus 4/5. This must be free from all sorts of debris, mud, and other foreign materials which can build up on the beach side of the transducer. This ideal reduction process needs to be in a materialized instinct with its ability to accrue sonar signals. Cleaning the transducer regularly can make any field suppress. The apparent use of a protective cover may keep it free from all kinds of damage and failure. 

Use the Device’s Depth Alarm 

The Garmin Striker Plus 4/5 has been on the go since they added the newest feature to this mechanism. This features the depth alarm that makes an extreme transduction with the water depth alert system. This happens when it reaches a certain level. If you can avoid this shallow area, it will be best to accidentally make a ground near fall with your boat. 

It is very much prudent to set the depth alarm. Make a decent change to a level with an appropriate intuition for the conditions ideal for fishing. In a nutshell, the Garmin Striker Plus 4/5 is mainly a versatile and powerful fishfinder that can be very beneficial for locating fish more simply. The proper improvement to the fishing experience is evident by following this mechanism by taking the time to maintain the usage of the device in a more effective manner. The experiment makes it more of its kind. This will enable all other implications to become a flag-bearer. This is the most civilian time within the water.

Use the Flasher Mode

You need to make an aesthetic move with your most deserving instruments, and also, it makes no mistake in the elimination circumstances. The Garmin Striker Plus 4/5 makes a ruling of the insistent Flasher mode consumption. This may include some rigorous statements and a succinct real-time view of the fish finder. The structure at the lower section of the boat makes no intuition with such a kind of recreation. Flasher Mode

The Flasher mode makes no inception but to make such a gesture. It is famous because of the ice fishing module. Vertical jigging makes it possible to fish in deep water. These profits will make things more complex. This is much more difficult to locate fish maintaining with all other modes. It displays the actual depth, intensity, and normalized size of fish. Finding all other objects in a circular mode is also so impulsive. The flasher format is the simplest to nullify the real-time action. 

Excellent tricks for maintaining the Garmin Striker Plus 4 and 5cv fish finders

Trick-01: Apply the Ultra Scroll Feature

The Ultra Scroll feature on the Garmin Striker Plus 4/5 always makes a great sense of urgency to become more ulterior. You need the proper idea to make it simpler and more realistic. The readjustment of scrolling with the display will make it easier to keep the system on track with the movement of fish. The water ultra scroll attribute is convenient when fishing at high speeds. This is because of using the device in shallow water. The invalid fish movements can be made more frequent. 

Trick-02: Update the Software on a regular basis

Garmin often makes impediments to the software upgrade. The cumulative inception of the fishfinders can improve the device’s main performance. You need to be sure to examine the Garmin website on a regular basis. It would be best if you were so much more assertive, as the main spots are impeccable. When any updates are available for your Striker Plus 4/5, make sure that you renew the software. Thus, updating the device on a regular basis will ensure the best possible performance from the fish finder. 

Trick-03: Always use a GPS Mapping Card

A GPS mapping card is always an asset for the Garmin Striker Plus 4/5. It keeps the thing so straightforward, and it will also inject detailed information about the water conditions. The navigation around the water is thus made simple. A GPS mapping card is sufficient to sign up for things like persistent underwater contours, the exact location of hazards, and the ideal location of famous fishing spots. This is particularly useful when fishing in unfamiliar rough waters. 

Trick-04: Use the GPS Speed Feature

The GPS Speed feature makes the Garmin Striker Plus 4/5 a simple and injective one. This term is perfect for monitoring the boat’s actual speed. This will evade adjustments in trolling or drift speed. Fishing in large quantities requires a specific speed to make the presentation more accurate. 

Specifications Chart: Garmin Striker Plus 4 and 5cv fish finders

Specification Garmin Striker Plus 4 Garmin Striker Plus 5cv
Display Size 4.3 inches 5 inches
Display Type HVGA color WVGA color
Sonar Type CHIRP traditional and ClearVü scanning sonar CHIRP traditional and ClearVü scanning sonar
Maximum Depth 1,600 feet in freshwater and 750 feet in saltwater 2,300 feet in freshwater and 1,100 feet in saltwater
GPS No Yes
Waypoint Marking Yes, up to 5,000 Yes, up to 5,000
Mapping No Quickdraw Contours mapping
Transmit Power 200 watts RMS (1,600 watts peak-to-peak) 500 watts RMS (4,000 watts peak-to-peak)
Frequency 50/77/200 kHz 50/77/200 kHz
Water Resistance IPX7 (waterproof) IPX7 (waterproof)
Power Consumption 0.4A 0.4A
Battery Life Up to 9 hours Up to 8 hours
Price Lower Higher

Final Words

The Garmin Striker Plus 4/5 is a great end fishfinder, which is superb in locating fish more easily and can also ameliorate your fishing experience. So it is necessary to know how to use the device in a figurative way. The actual experiment begins with diversified features. This must be the most accurate fishfinder, which improves all the chances of catching fish. 

In Conclusion, we can say that the entire prosecution process tends to be more upgraded. The Garmin Striker Plus 4/5 is a great fishfinder, so by following the splendid features in this article and spending a decent amount of time practicing with the major device. The Striker Plus 4/5 adds a newer fishing experience to your pipeline. But it is also important to know this device’s use method.


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