Quick Fix: Shimano Spinning Reel Anti Reverse Not Working

A fishing reel is a device you rotate to pull the threads and hook towards you. It is an essential element for fishing. Shimano is a good fishing brand known for its outstanding capacity. Perfectly rotating the spinning determines how good your fishing experience can be. So, your fishing reel should be in sound condition every time. But what can happen if Shimano’s spinning reel’s anti-reverse system does not work? This article will decode the reasons and provide some quick fixes to solve this issue.

What is the anti-reverse system?

The anti-reverse system of a fishing reel is an essential part of throwing the fishing thread while pressing the bottom.

Have you noticed a little switch at the bottom of your spinning reel? Yes, it is the switch for the anti-reverse system. When you flick the switch across, it ruptures, meaning the reel can go either way and usually get tangled. If you flick it back, it becomes locked, so it only goes forward and not backward.

How does the anti-reverse system of a fishing reel work?

The anti-reverse bearings use springs that compress and allow the rollers to move. The rollers move freely in the expected direction. Moreover, the springs align to position the rollers. Thus, they can lock into the tapered edges of its retainer. But it depends on rotating it in the reverse direction.

Possible reasons why your Shimano Spinning Reel Anti Reverse is not working:

How can I be sure my Shimano spinning reel anti-reverse system is damaged? When you knit the threads of your fishing reel, they come to a close quickly. But, unfortunately, you may notice that the threads are not coming toward you. There are several reasons for a spinning reel’s anti-reverse system not working.

Jammed Spinning Reel: The most common reasons are that the spinning reels are stuck or jammed. Several reasons may jam your spinning reel. 

  • Saltwater fishing: Suppose you practice fishing in a marine area. Generally, these types of places are full of salt water. The salt goes into your fishing reel and jams it. Thus, the saltwater reel can stop working.
  • Sand entering into the reel: This is another problem with fishing in a marine area or river. There is a vast amount of sand. It enters your fishing reel and damages it quickly.
  • Lack of lube: A spinning reel may be damaged if you do not put enough lubricant inside it. Thus, the spinning reel may be jammed. It can be rough gradually, and one day it may stop working.

Unwanted Accident: The anti-reverse system of Shimano is under the body. It is just against the spool. Any accidental fall or heat may damage the system and stop it from working.

Careless use: If you are not careful about your spinning reel, it may cause spinning reel issues.

How do you fix the Shimano reel anti-reverse system?

Stopping the anti-reverse system from working is a sign of its damage. It assures you that the anti-reverse system’s work has been stopped. Now you should check which part of the system is damaged in the following way. You can check it yourself by following these steps if you have the technical experience.

Remove the anti-reverse system: This step is the first one to fix the system. You should remove it from the fishing reel.

Identify the problem: Now, it is time to check the problem. Remove the screws of the anti-reverse system and check the damaged parts.

Replace the damaged parts: You can easily get the parts of your spinning reel from the closest fishing shop. Find a trustworthy shop to replace the damaged part. You can also have it repaired by an expert if the damage is not so serious.

Why is anti-reverse on a spinning reel so important?

Those with a good fishing capacity and a basic understanding of spinning reels understand the importance of an anti-reversal system. It is located at the bottom of the reel. The system fights with fish and prevents the reel from turning backward. It also engages the dragged.What is a continuous anti-reverse reel

What is a continuous anti-reverse reel?

A continuous anti-reverse reel is a different type of reel. It is a roller bearing that contains offset rollers. When the fish changes direction, the continuous anti-reverse reel helps to keep your reel from spinning in the opposite direction.

It is 100% anti-reverse. Moreover, it does not make a noise while rotating. As a result, it can hunt your target fish silently.

Final Thoughts

The problem of bail springs and other parts of your fishing reel may be a reason for a bad fishing experience. So, try to repair or replace them very quickly. A good working anti-reverse system is appropriate for reeling the fishing line and rotating towards you very smoothly.

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