How do you fix a fishing reel that won’t lock?

Fishing reels are one of the essential elements for those who are fond of fishing. But, having a fishing reel that won’t lock is terrible. Finding the reason behind the problem is the first step to solving it. The possible ones are a broken spool or bail wire.

Why won’t my fishing reel lock? (Possible fixes)

There are several reasons for stopping the fishing reel from working.

Broken spool or bail

Have you noticed the U-shaped metal in your spinning reel? It is a bail. A spinning reel can not work without a perfect bail. When the bail works, the fishing reel automatically does its function. The bail is a crucial item to control the locking system of your fishing reel. Unfortunately, the broken bail restricts your fishing reel’s locking if it breaks down. A low-graded fishing reel breaks down more quickly.

How to fix a broken spool or bail?

You can quickly fix the broken spool or bail of your fishing reel.How to fix a broken spool or bail

Collect the following instruments:

  • A screwdriver
  • A pair of pliers
  • The new bail, which you should attach to the fishing reel.

Unscrew the bail

First, remove the screw from the bail. There are two little screws to hold the base of the bail together with the reel. You should remove them to expose the mechanism surface.

The most important step in repairing the fishing rod is to remove the screws from the propelling arm.

Now take out the bail’s basement from the reel. Place the screws on the side. But, if you think that the screws are rusted and unable to be used, you should replace them.

Removing the bail wire

Here you can find a worn-out bail spring. Remove it by pushing down on the spring. Observe the piece carefully if there is any damage.

Pull the spring outward from the reel. Try to fix the damage to the bail wire. It would be better to replace the part if fixing it is impossible.

Replacing the bail

Now, replace the worn-out bail. You should remove the pin from the spring and replace the bail. Now, take a new spring and place the original pin inside it.

Damaged anti-reverse system

The problem of the anti-reverse system causes the fishing reel’s inefficiency in locking.

But what is the anti-reverse system of a fishing reel? The anti-reverse system of a fishing reel is an important technical feature. It prevents the reel from turning backward. It also engages the drag. There are also anti-reverse switches in some reels. It allows the angler to choose whether the drag is engaged or not. If you have to fight stubborn fish, you have to reel back. The anti-reverse system allows the drag to fight.

How to fix the anti-reverse drag system?

Check the system and try to repair the damaged components. An expert or DIY enthusiast can repair it if there is no large issue. Otherwise, you should replace the whole system.

There are a pair of friction plates inside of fishing reels. They are called “drag systems.” When the system malfunctions, the fishing reel will not lock.

The drag system of a fishing reel is one of the most critical areas to fix. There are several ways of solving the system’s problems.

  1. If you can not lock the fishing reel because of the drag system’s problem, remove its knob to fix it. It gives you access to the drag system inside for determining the problematic function. This task is the most important because you can not solve a functional issue without identifying the problematic area.
  2. Now remove the fiber and metal washers from the system. Generally, the smaller spring reels have two washers. However, the larger reels have three or more washers to place them on a flat surface. Thus, you can easily set them up or remove them when it is necessary.
  3. You have to inspect the spring clip in this step. Try to identify the broken part of the system and replace it quickly.
  4. If one of the washers is problematic, you can repair it or order it from the reel maker. But, you should replace the two washers whenever both of them are damaged.
  5. Now, clean and lubricate the drag system of your fishing reel. It will last on the reel for a long time.

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