How to fix the anti-reverse function on a Daiwa spinning reel?

A spinning reel must have an anti-reversal system. It keeps the reel from spinning backward. Furthermore, it engages the drag to regulate the force required to take the spool’s line. It aids in pulling large fish without snapping the fishing line.

A spinning reel’s anti-reverse system can be problematic for various reasons. This article will look at the anti-reverse system problem and its solutions. 

Why did the anti-reverse system become problematic?

There are several reasons why the anti-reverse fishing reel does not work.

Broken/Damaged reel: Unfortunately, you may accidentally purchase a fishing reel that has been broken or damaged. So, its anti-reverse system can be problematic. You can not use it until you repair or replace the reel immediately.

Accidental fall: Suppose the fishing reel fell down unconsciously. As a result, the anti-reverse system of your fishing reel may be damaged and stop working.

Not using lube: Every rotating metal requires lubricant to function properly. As a result, it may cease to function properly.

Entering sand or dirt into the reel: A reel is an excellent machine with a rolling function. But the anti-reversal system may fail if a small amount of sand or dirt enters the reel.

How do I repair the Daiwa spinning reel’s anti-reverse system?

Remove the drag: A drag is located near the front of the fishing reel. Rotate the drag by holding the front part of it. Put it off for now.Remove the drag

Remove the spool: The spool is also a component of the fishing reel’s front. It’s just below the drag. Take it off and place it beside you.Remove the spool

Keep a tape next to the spinning reel: You must keep some nuts, screws, and o-rings in a specific location because they cannot be lost. So, cut a small piece of tape and keep it nearby.Keep a tape next to the spinning reel

Remove the gear and o-ring: After removing the spool, you’ll notice a small gear, an o-ring, a nut, and a stopper screw inside. Remove the gear and the O-ring. Place them precisely on the tape.Remove the gear and o-ring

You cannot remove the nut without removing the screw.

Remove the extra stopper washer: You can easily locate the washer after removing the nut. Keep it with the gear and o-ring on the specific tape.Remove the extra stopper washer

Turn off the anti-reverse: Remove the nut located just beneath the washer. It’s time to get off the anti-reverse.Turn off the anti-reverse

Take the o-ring and the gear: After removing the spool, you’ll notice a small gear, a ring, a nut, and a stopper screw inside. Remove the gear and the O ring. Place them precisely on the tape. You can not take your nut off without taking the screw out.Take the o-ring and the gear

Extra stopper washer: You can easily find the washer after removing the nut. Take it and keep it with the gear and o-ring on the specific tape.Extra stopper washer

Slide off the anti-revers: You will find a nut under the washer and remove it. Now, it is time to slide off the anti-reverse.Slide off the anti-revers

Remove the springs: There are tiny springs that are hard to see. The problem with the springs may be a reason for the malfunctioning of the anti-reverse system. Use a push pin to find the loop, which will take the spring out.Remove the springs

Change the springs: The problem with the tiny spring is that it damages the entire spinning reel. Therefore, you should change the spring now. This task is almost the last task of fixing the anti-reverse on the Daiwa spinning reel. Now reassemble the spinning reel and use it again.

Why does my Daiwa spinning reel come backward?

The fishing reel is a function including a handle, a reel, some screws and nuts, and other essential types of equipment. The reel with a switch is mounted on the fishing rod to cast out the line. Moreover, it retrieves the fish via spool and handles. The push button on the fishing reel makes casting the line easier. Hunting fish is more comfortable with the use of a fishing reel.

Backward, the anti-reverse spinning reel is a problem. Significantly, the work of the anti-reverse reel is to rotate the reel against the handle. But, when the spinning reel turns backward, it determines that there is a problem with the function.

Technical error is the major issue with my fishing reel’s backward.

How to fix a Daiwa reel that reels backward?

The spinning reel is one of the essential parts of a fishing reel. If it does not work properly, the user can not work with it to get sufficient fish. Now, follow the instructions to fix the spinning reel, which reels backward.

Reel’s reverse switch: The reverse switch should ensure that it is not stuck in the reverse position.

Unscrew the housing cap: This process opens the entire surface for work. Remove the spool washers.  A ½-inch socket is necessary for you to remove the rotor nut.

The inner surface of the anti-reverse system is ready to be fixed. Moreover, unscrewing the cap will make you ready to check and repair the problems of the spinning reel’s inner parts.

Clutch bearing: You need to remove the rotor assembly to find the clutch bearing. This function is similar to the vehicles that prevent the wheel’s reverse rotation. Check the clutch bearing carefully as the clutch assembly and roller clutch sleeves are OK.

If you find any problem with the clutch bearing’s alignment, realign it. Fixing the clutch bearing will stop the anti-reverse on the Daiwa spinning reel.

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