Shimano Stella vs. Shimano Stradic vs. Van Staal Fishing Reels

Have you ever compared Shimano Stella, Shimano Stradic, and Van Staal fishing reels? All of them are good fishing reels from two different brands. Now, we will compare the reels according to their characteristics.

A Short Review of Shimano Stella Saltwater Fishing Reel

Stella is a durable, user-friendly, and outstanding fishing reel with its IPX8 waterproof body. Its X-rigged gear made the reel extra smooth and good for hunting large fish.

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Specifications for the Shimano Stella

There are several characteristics of Stella which make it popular with many users. If you are experienced with a fishing reel, you can easily understand how good Stella is.

  • Stella is made of aluminum. It is stiff and durable.
  • Although the new SW Stella is lighter, it is more powerful.
  • It has multicolor options to fulfill the diversity of different consumers’ choices.
  • The reel has a HAGANE body and gear. It indicates extra durability and in-built toughness.
  • Stella’s protective body is appropriate for use in saltwater.

A short review of Shimano Stradic

Stradic is a popular model from the famous fishing reel manufacturer, Shimano. Its attractive outlook and water-prevention power are sufficient to conquer the minds of the users.

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  • Stradic is made of high-quality materials, including aluminum and magnesium.
  • It has Shimano’s MicroModule Gear II. It increases rotational smoothness and power transfer. This feature was not available in any previous Shimano reel at this price point.
  • Shimano’s Cross Carbon Drag system is present on the Stradic C3000, C4000, and C5000. It allows the reel to withstand the most ferocious runs and powerful big fish in order to catch them quickly.

A short review of the Van Staal fishing reel

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  • The Van Staal fishing reel is a solid-stock, aluminum-made product. It is a sign of the product’s increasing power.
  • It is a quality reel. Its internal parts are made of stainless steel and titanium internal parts.
  • The Van Staal fishing reel has a patented drag system.
  • The bearing of the fishing reel is made of stainless steel, and it is durable.

Shimano Stella vs. Stradic vs. Van Staal: Full Comparison

Stella, Stradic, and Van Staal have products that are commonly used among anglers. The following diversities among the reels are for you to verify and select the most suitable one.

Hand Orientation

Shimano Stradic and Van Stall are left-handed fishing reels. However, the Shimano Stella is a right-handed fishing reel. Since both are durable and good reels, you can choose the most suitable one according to your fishing habits. According to the user’s experience, Shimano Stella is smoother than Van Staal.

Color Variation

Both Stella and Stradic are available in multicolors. So, you can select a reel from the collections according to your choice.

On the other hand, Van Staal fishing reels are only available in one color. Never lose hope; if you are a black lover, Van Staal is perfect for you. Its outlook is so gorgeous.

Package weight

The Shimano Stella weighs 885 grams, Van Staal is 1.17 kilograms, and Stradic is 0.36 kilograms. Comparatively, the Van Staal is heavier than the other fishing reels. But, if you want a lighter reel, you can choose Stradic.

Price Comparison

Shimano Stella’s price is relatively higher. Its price is about $750. The cheapest fishing reel is the Shimano Stradic, available from $194-$356. Black’s purchase price is around $619, which is also a costly fishing reel.

Material Type

The materials of Shimano Stella, Stradic, and Van Staal are also different. The Van Staal fishing reel and its handle are made of stainless steel and aluminum. Its bearing is made of single, stainless steel material.

The Shimano Stella fishing reel is made of metal. It is a durable reel that is appropriate for saltwater fishing.

The Shimano Stradic spinning reel is made with a blend of materials.

Both spinning reels are good. If you are fond of stainless steel, you can choose Van Staal to have increased durability.

Comparison Table: Shimano Stella, Shimano Stradic, and Van Staal Fishing Reel

Features Shimano Stella (FJ) Van Staal (VR50) Shimano Stradic  (FL)
Material: Aluminum Stainless steel and Titanium Aluminum and Magnesium
Weight: 0.88kg 1.17 kg 0.36kg
color: Multicolors Black Multicolors
Hand Orientation: Right-Handed Left-Handed Left-Handed
Line Capacity Braid (yds/lb): 95/10, 85/15 360/20 10/95, 15/75, 20/65
Gear Ratio: 5.1:1 6.3:1 6.0:1
Bearings: 13 8 6+1
Line Retrieve Per Crank: 25″ 37″ 30″
Spool Material: Aluminum Aluminum Hagane
Max Drag: 7lbs 25lbs 7lbs

Shimano Stella, Shimano Stradic, or Van Staal: Which is Better?

Shimano Stradic is price-worthy and lightweight. So, you can purchase it to save your money and carry it easily.

Stella is a right-handed reel, and the others are left-handed. As a result, you can choose a reel based on your preferences because both are highly effective.

According to the material, if you are fond of using stainless steel, you can select Van Staal for use. However, Van Staal does not give you a multicolor reel like Stella or Stradic. Van Staal’s outstanding black outlook will attract you, guaranteed.

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