Van Staal VR50 vs. VR125: Which Fishing Reel is Better?

The success of an inshore fishing reel depends on the angler’s technique and the quality of the fishing reel. The second one is a term that can not be denied.

Van Staal is a brand of outstanding fishing reels that are manufactured using billet aluminum and stainless steel. The Van Staal reels are USA-made reels that are considered new-generation fishing reels. It was first introduced in 1992. Now the USA-made fishing reel brand is producing Van Staal products in Zebco in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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A brief review of Van Staal VR50 Reel


The Van Staal VR 50 is made of 6061-T6 aluminum, which has a good strength-to-weight ratio. 6061-T6 aluminum is used in engineering, furniture, boat, and structural applications sectors. The material is so good for a fishing reel.

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The weight of VR 50 is 8.9 oz. It is a lightweight product that provides a good balance for spooling and the perfect cranking power. So, this feature makes the reel appropriate for expert anglers.

Similarities between Van Staal VR50 and VR125 Reels

Drag system: The VR 50’s drag system is sealed and waterproof. So, you can easily use the reel in tough fishing conditions, including saltwater.

This feature is also present on the VR 125 fishing reel. So, in terms of the drag system, the Van Staal VR 50 and VR 125 are not comparable.

Most reel manufacturers now offer a sealed drag system for its outstanding performance. It is popular for its low maintenance, long-lasting, and easy-cleaning ability.

6061 machined aluminum body: Trustable and high-efficiency 6061 machined bodies are present both in the Van Staal VR50 and VR125 reels. It is so protective that it makes the fishing reel durable and trustworthy.

Handle Position: A left-handed fishing reel position is a common feature of Van Staal VR 50 and VR 125. So, here you should compromise if you want a right-handed reel. Because the Van Staal VS 50 and VS 125 are identical in this feature.Van Staal VR50 Fishing Reel

Comparison Table: Van Staal VR50 and VR125


Van Staal VR50

Van Staal VR125

Handle side: Left Left
Gear Ratio: 6.3:1 4.8:1
Line per handle Turn: 37in 32in
Braid Capacity(lb test/yds): 20/360 20/400
Mono Capacity (lb test/yds): 10/240 10/340
Max Drag: 25lb 35lb
Weight: 8.9oz 18.3oz

What are the differences between the Van Staal VR50 and VR125?

There are several differences between Van Staal VR 50 and VR 125 fishing reels. Although they are from the same brand, they have some specific characteristics that differentiate them.

Braid line capacity

Generally, you can use a 15-20 lb. braid line for Van Staal VR50. But, up to 20lb of braided line is suitable for the VR 125 fishing reel.

A 30lb line is appropriate for hunting bigger fish. So, when your target is to catch large fish, you can use the Van Staal VR 125 fishing reel. VR 50, on the other hand, is effective in both freshwater and saltwater fishing.


The Van Staal VR 50 is made of aluminum with a solid titanium spool shroud. It also has a machined aluminum body and an alloy spool, but its gear system is made of stainless steel, which is a spiral bevel.

Similarly, Van Staal VR 125 is also made with aluminum, but a stainless-steel-made gear system is not common here.

The length of the fishing rod

Almost all the features of VR50 and VR125 are the same. But, the fishing rod of the VR50 is a bit smaller.

Final Thoughts: Van Staal VR 125 or VR 50?

Although there is no significant difference between Van Staal VR50 and VR125, braid line capacity is very important to consider here. If you want to get an extensive braid line capacity to fight the larger fish, you can purchase the VR125. Moreover, Van Staal VR125 provides you with an extensive fishing rod.

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