Shimano Vanford or Stradic? Things you must compare before buying

Shimano Vanford and Stradic fishing reels are similar in several ways, so you must carefully determine their differences. Sometimes, you may find several advantages to both fishing reels when comparing, and you may think it is so tough to choose the better one.

The key differences exist in their weight, color, line capacity, and rotor design. All these things will be compared in detail in this article.

Shimano Vanford vs. Stradic FL: Which One is Better?

You can take Vanford as an alternative to Stradic because there are a lot of similarities between them. But what are the differences? Let’s compare.


Shimano Vanford is 0.29 kilograms, and Stradic is 0.35 kilograms. So, Stradic is slightly heavier than Vanford. Both the Shimano Vanford and the Stradic are comfortable to carry.


The color combination of a fishing reel is vital. Shimano Stradic reels are available in a variety of colors. They are so attractive, and the outside of the reel is sustainable.

Shimano Vanford is available only in black. It does not mean that Vanford’s outlook is not good; instead, black lovers will always prefer the gorgeous look of Vanford fishing reels.

Hand Orientation

The Shimano Vanford is an ambidextrous fishing reel. Both left-handed and right-handed users can operate it efficiently.

But, the Shimano Stradic is a left-handed fishing reel. So it will suit left-handed users.

Compare Price

Both Shimano reels are available in reasonable price ranges.

Shimano Stradic reels are available from $194.00 to $356.51. The differences indicate the reel size and quality.

The prices of Vanford reels vary from $150 to $250.

Compare Line Capacity

The mono line capacity of the Shimano Stradic fishing reel is 6/200, 8/140, 10/120, and Shimano Vanford is 6/230, 8/170, 10/140.

On the other hand, the braid line capacity of the Shimano Stradic fishing reel is 10/150, 15/145, 30/100, and Shimano Vanford is 10/200, 20/140, 40/105.

Differences in the rotor design

Shimano fishing reels had an XT-7 graphite rotor. But now, it has been upgraded to an MGL rotor. The new rotor made the Shimano spinning reel smoother, lighter, and better than the cranking reeling experience.

Shimano Vanford’s spinning reel does not have a one-piece bail attached to the rotor. But, the standard Shimano bail is attached to it.

There is a lack of an Aero wrap on the Shimano Vanford fishing reel. There is a standard oscillation line on the spool. It lines up and down with the pattern of the Vanord spinning reel. Here there is no crisscross line laying pattern.


Shimano Vanford’s spinning reel has an X-protect waterproofing system. The water-repellent coating made it an ideal reel for avoiding the harmful effects of water.

All Shimano Stradics are not waterproof. Likewise, the Shimano Stradic C14 has a powerful water-resistant ability but is not waterproof. It is also corrosion-resistant. But, the water resistance does not mean you should sink the reel into the water for a long time.

Comparison Table: Shimano Vanford and Stradic FL Fishing Reel

Features Shimano Stradic FL Shimano Vanford
Body Material: Hagane metal CI4+
Max Drag: 7 lbs 6 lbs
Line Capacity: 6/200, 8/140, 10/120 6/230, 8/170, 10/140
Line Capacity Braid: 10/150, 15/145, 30/100 10/200, 20/140, 40/105
Weight: 0.35 kg 0.29 Kg
Bearings: 6+1 7
Gear Ratio: 6.0:1 6.0:1
Retrieve: Right and left Right and left
Line Capacity Mono (yds/lb): 2/270, 4/160, 6/110 190/2, 100/4
Line Retrieve Per Crank: 30 inch 27 inch
Spool Material: Hagane Aluminum
Color: Silver/Blue Black
Recommendations: Check Price Check Price

Final Thought: Shimano Vanford or Stradic?

You can buy a fishing reel easily, but selecting a good one is difficult. Significantly, it is much harder for a professional angler because you have to choose the reel for the best performance.

Shimano Vanford fishing reels are popular because of their large line capacities, waterproof features, and ambidextrous handle capacity. Additionally, the price of Shimano Vanford is comparatively lower.

The color combination and attractive outlook of Shimano Stradic made it good and user-friendly. However, the Shimano Stradic is water-resistant and a good fishing reel for professional anglers.

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