Fishing in the US: What are the 10 Best States to Catch Fish?

Whether you fish for fun, as a sport, or as a source of livelihood, it is important to know where you can get lots of fish. In the United States, there are various regions that are re-known to offer fish in large numbers. Also, there are certain areas that are famous for particular species of fish. The most popular fish in the US is bass which can be found in various states around the country. Below is a list of the top 10 fishing states in the U.S.A.

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Best States for Fishing: Top 10 USA States to Catch Fish

  1. Michigan- Best fishing state for bass fishing

The State of Michigan has a nice natural surrounding that boosts the inhabitation of fish. This region is surrounded by great lakes, bays, and other water bodies. Also, it has two natural forests and three additional huge forests that are ideal for nature lovers. The great lakes offer Salmon and steelhead fish species. Anglers that love bash fish can find them in the 11000 inland lakes. Furthermore, Lake Erie is a great base for smallmouths if you pick on the right time or season to visit. With such a variety to offer to fishermen, Michigan State is a great fishing destination.Best fishing state for bass fishing

  1. Texas- Enjoy Lake Fishing

Second, on our list is Texas. From being one of the best hunting States in the US to the top three in fishing, Texas is a great destination for Anglers. It has many lakes, ponds, streams, and other water bodies. One of the famous fishing lakes in Texas is Lake Falcon. This lake has a great population of bass fish which is the favorite among US residents. When Bassmaster compiled a list of the top 100 bash fishing lakes in the country in 2012, Lake Falcon took the number one spot. So, if you’re an Angler targeting to fish Bass, you better visit Lake lakes in Texas is Lake Falcon

  1. Florida- Ideal For Saltwater Fishing

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Florida is the best State for saltwater fishing in the entire USA. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking at the uniqueness of fish, weather conditions, quantity, or the lovely sea on which you will be fishing. Also, the state has the second largest number of water bodies, which makes it’s to be a suitable region for fishing activities. Lake Okeechobee is the best destination for Bash fishers. Catfish normally prosper in swampy places rich with canals, creeks, ditches, and ponds. This is what Florida is mainly made of. Bonefish and Tarpons can be found in the Florida Keys which is an area famous for its fishing destinations.Florida- Ideal For Saltwater Fishing

  1. New York

The Big Apple is a busy and bustling area with lots of activities that fishing is normally overlooked. Actually, New York is one of the best fishing States on the East coast. The State has Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, and the Atlantic Ocean as some of the best fishing places. Not to forget Lake Champlain, which is considered by many as one of the best places to fish Bass. A huge number of largemouths, smallmouths, and Fly-fishing can also be found in the Adirondack Mountains. With all these fishing spots, it is true to say that New York State is among the best areas to fish in the USA.Catch Fishing in New York

  1. Louisiana- Best state for trout fishing

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If you’re looking for a State with different fish species, then Louisiana is the best place for you. The State of Louisiana is a marshy and water-filled area. This means that fish are close to you in every corner of the state. The types of fish found in this lovely State include Sheepshead, Redfish, and Drum. These are caught all year long. Also, flounder and speckled trout can be found in abundance, while Tuna can be found in open waters such as the Gulf of Mexico. Anglers who love saltwater fish can find species like wahoos, mangrove snappers, and amberjacks in the year’s cooler months.catch fishing in Louisiana

  1. Wyoming- Best for Fly Fishing

Of all the fishing States that we have discussed in this post, there is no unique and amazing State to fish in as is Wyoming. This is because, unlike other States, it doesn’t have lots of lakes, fish, or other water bodies. But the State provides a fascinating and tranquil surrounding to fish in. Surrounded by Mountains, the State of Wyoming has mountain streams, and fly fishing is the best thing to do there. The beautiful scenery will make fishing in this State memorable and fun.catch fishing in Wyoming

  1. Georgia- Go in search of the Big One!

Anglers who fish as a sport should take their talent to Georgia and compete with other Anglers. Georgia hosts many fishing tournaments all year round. It is made up of lovely water bodies, which are great areas for fish to breed. Also, the world-record largemouth bass, which measured 22 pounds, a 4-ounce specimen, was fished in this State. So, if you are looking to fish big fish, then you should try fishing in this State.Try fishing in Georgia

  1. Minnesota

Minnesota is a beautiful State with lots of fishing areas. The region has more than 13,000 natural lakes, which makes it to be a nice place for Anglers to visit. Most of these lakes are found in the northern half of the State. This region has tall pines, lots of resorts, Northwoods, and amazing lakes. Some of the fish species to fish in Minnesota are Walleye, musky, and the northern pike. If you want to have fun and fish easily, you can wait till the frozen winters. In this period, you might have an opportunity to pull a musky or northern pike from the cold waters. This is really fun!catch fishing in Minnesota

  1. Alaska- Ice Fishing Region

Talking about the best fishing destinations in the USA and not mentioning Alaska is like an insult. Alaska is not only a beautiful natural area, but it is also endowed with fish, oil, ore, and minerals. This State has lots of fishing grounds, and you’ve to identify the best fishing season. The types of fish to catch in this cold region include steelhead, Salmon, northern pike, and grayling. If you are adventurous, you can as well decide to try offshore fishing though the conditions are extreme and dangerous. One of the disadvantages of fishing in Alaska is that the fishing season is very short.Fishing in Alaska

  1. Wisconsin- Summer fishing destination

Our final finishing State in the top 10 categories is the State Wisconsin. This State is made up of various water bodies that make it to be one of the best. Found in the great lakes region, Wisconsin has outstanding fishing bases, such as the bays on Lake Michigan and Superior Green Bay. Others include Chequamegon bay and Sturgeon bay. In addition to these, the State has other inland lakes and streams that serve as hot spots for fishing. Similar to its neighbors (Michigan and Minnesota), the State of Wisconsin is a great place for fishing bass.Catch fishing in Wisconsin


Fishing is a great activity that many people take part in from the West to the East coast of the United States. Depending on the type of fish that you want to find, or the season of the year, you can find a great fishing State from the above list where you can enjoy and spend your time performing an activity that you love. Hope you’ve found this article to be very informative and helped you come up with a decision on which State you will fish next.

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