Can you use WD40 on fishing reels? (Asked an expert)

A fishing reel is a complicated device with tiny metal parts and bearings. So, taking adequate care of a spinning reel can keep it safe and good for a long time.

Greasing and oiling are the two necessary tasks for a fishing reel. They keep your reel operational and make it long-lasting. Moreover, the greasing and oiling processes are essential for the reel’s smooth working.

Several anglers suggest using WD40 on a fishing reel as a lubricant. But it is not actually a lubricant. It is a unique blend of lubricants. Now, we are going to discuss WD40 and whether it is entirely safe or not.

What does WD40 do

What does WD40 do?

WD40 is mainly a degreaser. It breaks down grease and oil and works as a cleaner.

WD40 also loosens rust-to-metal. One of the significant uses of the material is removing stuck, frozen, or rusted metal parts. So, WD40 is a companion when you are in danger with sticking metals or bearings, and you have to free them immediately.

Is WD40 safe for use on a fishing reel?

WD40 is a spray. It contains different chemicals with various applications. WD 40 is great for removing rust, protecting metals from corrosion, degreasing, and lubricating.

Several users of WD-40 also use it as a cleaning agent. So, it is a popular item among the people. Some bicycle users use the material on their bicycles to make a smooth ride, and some others use it to remove the sticking element. WD-40 basically has various uses.Is it illegal to use WD40 on a fishing line Check Today’s Price

So, you can easily understand that WD40 is an essential ingredient for use in several projects. But can you use WD40 on fishing reels??

Although many people suggest using WD40, you should be careful about the safety of your fishing reel first. WD40 can be used as a grease or oil cleaning solution for a fishing reel. You can use it on your fishing reel as a rust-prevention material. But you have to maintain its limited use. I personally don’t recommend using it to clean the reel.

Generally, using WD40 for the annual maintenance of the fishing rod is admirable. It keeps your rod in good condition whether you use it once a year or not. But applying WD40 frequently to your fishing reel is not recommended at all. Using it as regular maintenance on the reel can damage the reel’s inner parts.

Is WD40 a lubricant?

There is a myth that WD40 is not a lubricant. But, it is a blended and multi-use element that contains a low amount of lubricants. But, it is also true that using WD40 as lube is not an admirable task. Instead, the user can use it only as a degreaser.

Can WD40 damage the monofilament line?

The monofilament fishing line is the most common fishing line and is popular among fishermen. As a fisherman, you must be careful about which material is the most suitable for the safety of the fishing line because you have to deal with it.

WD40 is made of petrochemicals. It has no significant effect on the monofilament line. Nevertheless, every fisherman has to be careful about the most suitable lubricant or degreaser for the reel, which will not harm the reel and the line.

Does WD40 damage fluorocarbon lines?

The fluorocarbon line is weak and brittle. It is constructed from PVDF polymer, and it has lower visibility in the water. The line is also less buoyant than nylon-based lines.

However, the fluorocarbon line is not suitable for applying WD40 on it. The line is negatively affected by the WD40 degreaser, so you must abstain from applying it.

Is it illegal to use WD40 on a fishing line?

Although the WD40 degreaser is not suitable for all fishing lines, it is not illegal. When a fisherman wants to apply the degreaser to maintain the good performance of his fishing reel, he can use it.

However, some chemicals in WD40 are considered pollutants. Significantly, when you use the degreaser in water, it can be harmful in some cases.Is it illegal to use WD40 on a fishing line

A few anglers complained about the ingredient WD40, but still, there is no law against using the degreaser.

Is WD-40 harmful to the environment?

People could not conclude whether WD 40 is safe for the environment or not. Still, now the topic is a part of the debate. The boat’s engine leaves a lot of oil in the water. But the WD40 does not leave as much oil as an engine. But, a small amount of WD40 remains in the water when it is used with the fishing reel. Health experts recommend abstaining from eating fish that have eaten some WD40.

Final Thoughts: Should you use WD40?

Cleaning a fishing reel is an easy task. In this article, we discussed WD40 as a degreaser. It is not cleaner, and it is also unhealthy.<

Using fresh water is the best way to clean a fishing reel. It would be best if you dried it after washing the reel with water and preparing it for its next use.

We can conclude that WD40 is a good degreasing material for many metals but unsuitable for fishing reels. So, avoid it, whether cleaning a fishing reel or using it on other metals.

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