Quick and easy ways to put fishing line on a closer reel

Do you like speed fishing? A closed fishing reel may be the most appropriate in that case. It is a fishing system with a fishing rod suitable for waggler fishing. It also has stick float fishing ability on the river. That’s why closed reels are so popular.

Closer fishing reels are excellent but hard to maintain for some people. You must know how to put a fishing line on a closed reel to catch fish. If you can put the line in the right way, you will have a good fishing experience.

What is a closed fishing reel?

The closer/closed fishing reel line needs to be fed off the spool. It is the reel where there is no bail arm or roller. As a result, the float trundles down the peg, and the closed face enables you to do this smoothly.

Advantages of the closer reels

  1. Most closed fishing reels are used for fishing small fish.
  2. The price of the closed fishing reels is much lower.


  1. You can not hunt big fish with it.

How Do You Put Fishing Line on a Closer Reel?

First, we will present the easiest method of putting a fishing line on a closure reel. It will help beginners. You can follow the steps if you are not an expert but want to put your fishing line on a closure reel by yourself.

Methods for beginners:

Tie a knot: The knot is necessary for a closure reel. So, tie a knot at the end of the line so you can attach it to the spool.

Attached to the spool: Take the knot and attach it to the spool. You have to get the knot to be a tight fit. So, start wrapping around it.

Cut all excess lines: You should now check to see if the knot fits snugly. Use scissors and cut off all excess lines from the spool.

Take the end of the fishing line in your hand. Then attach it to the opposite side of the reel’s spool.

Wrap it: The final task is to wrap the fishing line around the spool. It would help if you wrapped it until you feel it is a tighter fit than before. The fitting will make your fishing easier.

Method for expert anglers

Now, it is time for some pro fishing. If you are an expert and have a lot of fishing experience, you can use the fastest method to put the fishing line on a close reel.

Set up the drag: This task is like the previous task. You will fix a specific target where you will set the drag. Make sure your closed reel is in an open position, and there is no line on it. Now, put the fishing line on the reel. Be sure to tie the line strongly to the reel before putting it on the reel.

Tighten the line: Turn the spool and pull it to tighten your fishing line, staying on the closure. Tie a knot at the end of the line. It will make the fishing line reliable enough for hunting large fish.

Reel the line back in: When everything is okay and tightened, you should reel back most of the line onto the closer. A 3/4 inch hanging line should remain attached to the fishing rod so that you can throw it into the water to catch fish.

Now, your fishing reel is ready.

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