How to remove corrosion from fishing rod guides?

There are different parts of a fishing rod. A reel, rod guide, fishing line, and other components are required to keep a fishing rod in working order. Rods, reels, rod guides, etc., are made of metal. So, they are prone to corrosion. But, you should remove rust and corrosion from the fishing reel to extend its lifespan.

Check Corrosion-Free Rods

What are fishing rod guides?

Guides are the necessary elements of a good fishing rod. They are used to influence the deflected shape. It stresses the rod when landing fish. Guides are the essential equipment that transfers the line tension to the rod. So, it is placed along with the fishing rod.

Corrosion on fishing rod guides: Easy fix

Why do my fishing rod guides get corroded?

Rusting the fishing rod guide is a common issue. There is a significant reason for the problem.

Generally, guides are metallic equipment. They always stay in touch with water and air. If a metal stays in touch with both water and air, it has a significant possibility of rusting or corroding. The mixture of water and air increases humidity and also increases the possibility of corrosion. So, every metal fishing reel and rod guide is prone to corroding.

Can I use WD-40 to remove the corrosion on my fishing reel?

WD-40 is an excellent degreaser. It helps to remove rust and corrosion from metals, including iron, chrome, and stainless steel. So, you can apply WD-40 to your fishing reel to remove rust and corrosion. Although many users want to use WD-40 as a lubricant, it is not.use WD-40 to remove the corrosion on my fishing reel

What is the best material for fishing rod guides?

Silicon carbide and titanium carbide are considered the best materials for fishing rod guides. Both of them are scratch and rust-resistant.

Stainless steel is also a good material for fishing rod guides. Nevertheless, there is a misconception about metals. Some people think that stainless steel does not rust or corrode, even under water. But, sometimes, if it is exposed over time, it can rust gradually.

Remove Green Corrosion on a Fishing Rod Guide

Corrosion is a natural process and a kind of oxidation. It is formed by the inappropriate mixing of several natural properties. When the gaseous ingredients react with the metal, they cause corrosion.

How does green corrosion occur on a fishing rod guide?

There is a large scope for corroding a fishing reel or fishing rod guide. Both of them are metals, and they stay in touch with water and air. There is a presence of saltwater and moisture in fishing reels. They make it easy to corrode the fishing rod guide and fishing reel quickly.

Corrosion is the process of rusting new metals on the surface. But, it destroys the utilities of the main metal. Generally, the main reason for the formation of green corrosion is the gradual degradation of the metal. If the copper reacts with O2, CO2, and water, it causes green corrosion on fishing rod guides.

So, we found that the combination of different properties and humid conditions is reliable for green corrosion. So, if you want to make your reel and rod guide safe, you must check the environment where you are using them.

How can I clean the green corrosion on my fishing rod guides?

First, use a toothbrush to scrub the corrosion area. Now, soak the cloth with white vinegar for at least one hour. After that, you must scour the corrosion area with a clean cloth. Finally, wash the rod guide with clean and warm water.

How often should I clean my fishing rod guide?

Generally, anglers hunt fish in two different places, including freshwater and saltwater. There is a difference in the cleaning frequency of the fishing rod guide between the two different areas.

If you experience freshwater fishing, you can clean your fishing rod guide at least once every two years. But saltwater fishing is different. It allows salt and a greater amount of sand and dust to attach to the fishing rod guides and enter into the fishing reel. So, don’t be late; clean your fishing reel and rod guide after every saltwater fishing trip.

Cleaning and lubricating fishing reels and rod guides

Why should I keep my fishing rod guide clean?

If you want to get a longer life for your fishing line, you must clean the fishing rod guide regularly. The old and rusted fishing guide may harm your fishing line by rubbing with the rust. So, the line may be damaged gradually.

How can I clean my fishing rod guide?

Cleaning a fishing rod guide with a solution is an easy task. A guide cleaner spray is a fishing rod guide’s most popular cleaning solution. You can spray the solution on every guide of your fishing rod at least once every month.

Should I lubricate both the fishing reel and fishing rod guides?

The mechanical functions of a fishing reel stay safe when you take care of it and pour in sufficient lubricant. So, it would be best if you lubricated the reel once every couple of months.

Rod guides also work well with the fishing lines if they apply perfect lubrication here. Significantly, the lubricant decreases the possibility of corrosion on the fishing rod guide and makes the rod guide safe from damaging the fishing line.

Final Thoughts

You must be careful to save your fishing line from the harsh and corroded area of the rod guides. Thus, both your reel guide and the fishing line will last longer.

Taking the proper action to remove the corrosion from the fishing rod guide can please you by providing you with a smooth fishing experience.

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