Is your fishing reel handle broken?- Fix it immediately

Fixing a fishing reel is not such a challenging task. But first, you have to diagnose the problem correctly. If the problem is related to a fishing reel’s handle or a broken reel, there is a simple way to fix it.

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Repairing a Fishing Reel:

We discussed the problems with the handles and springs above. They are the different parts of a fishing reel.

Sometimes, an entire fishing reel may be problematic. In this case, you must know how to repair the fishing reel and apply it to your reel.

But how can I identify the fishing reel problem? Several symptoms indicate that your fishing reel is faulty.

  • The fishing reel is not working:

Suppose you are trying to rotate the handle of your fishing reel to pull the fishing line up. But, it is not working, or sometimes it is interrupted. This sign indicates that your fishing reel is problematic and you must repair or replace it.

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  • The handle has been broken:

The fishing reel handle must rotate properly to throw and take the fishing line up. But, a broken handle indicates a significant issue with the fishing reel, which implies you can not hunt fish without fixing it.

  • The bail has been broken:

The broken bail of an open-faced spinning indicates you must replace the bail and repair the fishing reel. Installing a new bail allows you to start fishing again with your same fishing reel.

Why is my fishing reel handle not turning?

When your fishing reel’s handle is not turning, it is probably jammed. Sometimes, the reel’s handle may be jammed because there is a lack of lubrication on the handle. So, it gradually loses flexibility and can not turn smoothly. That’s why the handle stops turning.

Pouring sufficient reel oil or lubricant is the best way to solve the problem.

How can I fix the problems with the handle of my fishing reel?

A fishing reel’s handle may have several issues. It would be best if you decided to solve them according to the conditions. There are several problems related to the handle, and they all have different solutions.


Suppose all parts of your fishing reel are okay, but the handle is problematic. You should disassemble it now. The task is helpful when you feel the handle is not operating smoothly.

Cleaning the knob

The knob of the fishing reel moves around the handle. It may create a problem with the reel handle when it is dirty or unclean. So, you must open it by unscrewing it and cleaning it. Thus, you may get a better condition for your reel’s handle again.


Sometimes, the fishing reel’s handle may lose its flexibility. It occurs for many reasons, including the lack of oil and lubrication. You can buy a good lubricant and pour it into your fishing reel. The handle will work smoothly again.

Fishing reel handle replacement:

How can I fix the broken handle?

The handle may be broken. It is a big problem, and sometimes there is no way to fix it. So, replacing the handle is a must. But, sometimes, the broken handle of a fishing reel can be fixed.

Just buy a new part of a fishing reel handle. Now, take off the fishing reel by unscrewing it. It would be best to be careful that the new handle’s dimensions are as accurate as the fishing reel. Now, attach the handle to the reel and fix it by attaching screws. You can also pour a little amount of lubricant to make it flexible.

Can I replace my fishing reel’s handle?

Yes, replacing the fishing reel’s handle is possible if you can not repair it.

You can switch the reel handle side of most of the fishing reels. You can also change the handle if it is problematic.

The process of replacing the reel’s handle:

Unscrew the dust cap: A dust cap is on the right side of the spinning reel. You have to unscrew it until it comes out.

Unscrew the reel handle: The reel handle is located on the left side of the fishing reel. You will unscrew it by turning it in a clockwise direction.

Install a new reel handle: The new reel is the leading equipment. Take a new handle and insert it into the right side of the reel.

Tightening: Rotate the handle clockwise to tighten the reel’s handle. Now, the new handle installation process is complete.

How can I change my fishing reel from right-handed to left-handed?

There are both right-handed and left-handed fishing reel users in the world. Suppose you are a left-handed user, but your fishing reel is right-handed. So, you must change the reel direction immediately.

The process of changing the fishing reel’s direction

  1. Unscrew the dust cap of the spinning reel. Take out the reel from the fishing rod.
  2. The left-handed reel will be unscrewed. You will turn it clockwise and unscrew it.
  3. Now, insert the reel arm into the right side of the reel.
  4. Turn the reel counter-clockwise and make it tight.
  5. Now, attach the dust cap to the opening of the reel’s right side.
  6. Screw it into place to make the cap tight. Turn the screw clockwise with a screwdriver until it becomes tight.

Why do some fishing reels have double handles?

Double-handled fishing reels are good for providing balance. The double-handled fishing reel means its balance is 50:5. It makes a firm retrieve and helps the anglers catch fish more efficiently.

Why are baitcasting reels right-handed?

The right hand is considered the power arm of most people. The power arm should be on the fishing rod for lifting on every spinning reel. But you should reel in the fishing reel with your weaker arm. This is why the baitcasting reels are right-handed.

What side of the reel should the handle be on?

If you want to hook into a large fish, the reel handle should be on the left side. This process frees up your dominant hand and allows your stronger hand to hold the rod.

How to replace the fishing reel’s bail spring?

A bail is an essential part of a fishing rod. It acts as a gate for the line of the spool. The engaged bail prevents the fishing line from unwinding from the spool.

Bail springs are round semi-circle wires. They surround the spinning reel and work for fishing.

The spool reveals when the bail is up. Then the fishing line can be cast out. When the bail spring gets damaged, the fishing reel becomes problematic. So, you have to replace the bail spring of the reel in the following way:

  • Remove the screw

There is a screw that holds the bail arm’s base to the reel. Remove the screw with a Phillips No. 1 screwdriver.

  • Pull the base of the bail arm

Twist the base of the bail arm slowly and pull it. You should separate the two parts of the bail.

  • Take out the spring

After pulling the base of the bail arm, you will find the worn-out spring under the bail arm. To remove the spring, push it down and then pull it outward away from the reel.

  • Replace the spring

Buy a new spring and replace the broken one. There is a pin inside the spring of a fishing reel. You must keep the original pin and attach it to the new spring.

  • Install the new bail spring

Insert the spring into the spring slot. Put the pin back in the spring slot and utilize the original pin here. You must position the spring in its original place.

  • Adjust the pull arm

Take the necessary screws and set the pull arm on the reel again. Now insert the screw into the hole and set it firmly.

Final Thoughts

Fishing reel repair and replacement are not complex tasks. So, if you complete them efficiently, you do not need to call a maker. Proper care after a fishing reel helps it last a long time.

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