How to Repair the Drag System on a Spincast Reel?

Repairing the drag system on a spincast reel is a very important task after disassembling it. When you find that your fishing reel is not working properly because of your problematic drag system, you should repair or replace it. Repairing the drag system is a much preferable task to replacing it because it is cheaper. Now, we are going to discuss repairing the drag system of your spin cast fishing reel.

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How to Repair the Drag System on a Spincast Reel?

Locate the drag system: The drag system of a fishing reel is actually a drag clicker. It is located on the underside of the spool. You can see that there is a little metal tab. Moreover, a spring is attached to the metal and is bouncy.

Take the handle off: First, you must take the handle of the fishing reel off. Turn around the handle and screw it out. The handle will automatically come out.

Take the spool off: You will now find there is a spool under the handle of the fishing reel. Remove the spool to get access to the entire surface of the spin cast reel mechanism. You can easily find all the different parts and take them to be repaired.

Spool varieties: The process of getting access to the spin cast reel’s drag washer depends on the type of the spool or the type of the reel.

  1. The first type of spool is locked with several screws. When you cap off the spool, you find the screws. So, you have to use a Phillips head or a pointed-head screwdriver to remove the screws and open the reel’s spool.
  2. Another type of reel has a spring inside the cap of the spool. Here it would be best if you used a small flat-head screwdriver to take the spring out.

Take the top cap off: After removing the screws, you will take the top cap off. You have to remember which side of the cap is up and which side is down. So, you can perfectly set up the top cap again after repairing your reel’s drag system.

Remove the washers: When you want to take washers out, you should turn the whole thing upside down and pop them out. After a pop, you will find that they automatically come out.

Take care of the washer by cleaning it. Since the washer is very fragile and it may have carbon or other debris, it should be cleaned regularly.

Take out any debris from the spool: After removing the washer, you may find some specks of dirt or debris inside the spool. Clean it and make the washer free from dirt.

Cleaning the washer: An uncleaned washer may make your clothes very dirty. So, you must clean it perfectly. Cleaning the washer is an easy process. Examine the washer, then remove its outer shell and wipe it with tissue paper.

Grease on the washer: Collect some grease from a dependable brand and apply it to the washer. It will make the washer flexible and easily usable for you.

If the washer is ceramic, carbon, or steel, you do not have to grease it. After cleaning your washer and putting grease on it, it is time to fill it with water. Do not place it upside down.

Put the cap back on the reel: Now, cleaning and greasing the washer is complete. So, put the cap back on it. You must carefully position the cap and tighten the cap with a pair of screws. Attach the screws tightly to the spool.

What should I do when the dragging system stops clicking?

This situation is a symptom of a problematic long run. When the drag system does not click anymore, it may be a consequence of the drag system’s spring malfunction. If the spring breaks or comes undone, the drag system can not work.

At this time, you should check the spring of the drag system and repair it.

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