What Can You Do with Old Fishing Rods? (Repair & Recycling)

Fishing rods are the most common tool to hunt fish. Generally, modern fishing rods can last for 20–50 years. But, your fishing rod may be broken or inappropriate for use for several reasons. It may be gradually damaged if you are careless about it. Moreover, any unwanted accident may break the rod. But what can you do with the rod when it is old or broken? Let’s repair or recycle it.

5 ways to recycle your old fishing rods:

Donate: You can give your old fishing rod to a kid who loves fishing. You can also donate them. But does Goodwill take fishing rods? Yes, they take it. Generally, Goodwill.com accepts donations of used items. But, they need to be reusable because they use your old items for reuse and other necessary tasks.recycle your old fishing rods

Claim a warranty if available: Check if the fishing rod still has a warranty. Significantly, most renowned fishing rod companies offer a warranty to repair your damaged fishing rods. So, if your rod is unable to be used but repairable, you may take it to the manufacturer’s company and repair it without any cost.Check if the fishing rod still has a warranty

Create home décor items: Home décor items made from old fishing rods are now very popular. You can use it as a picture frame hanger that increases your room’s beauty by adding an exceptional view.home decoration with fishing rod

Use as a curtain rod: You can use your old fishing rod as a curtain rod. When the curtain is hung on the fishing rod, it will automatically present the outlook of an exceptional bathroom to a fisherman.use your old fishing rod as a curtain rod

Use it in the Garden: You can also create a garden trellis for climbing plants or make a fence with broken fishing rods. Significantly, the old fishing rods increase the beauty of the garden as a decorative element.Use broken fishing rods in the Garden

How can I repair my damaged old fishing rod?

If you want to repair your damaged rod without the help of any expert, first, you must collect the necessary equipment to repair it. A suitable screwdriver and wrench are necessary to remove the essential screws.

Necessary tools:

  1. A sandpaper
  2. Fiberglass pole
  3. An epoxy
  4. A measuring tape
  5. Flex coat

There are some simple ways of repairing a fishing rod. Now follow the instructions.

Step 01: First, check your fishing rod and find which part of the rod is damaged. You should determine the exact size of the damaged part. So, use tape and measure it. Because of preparing the fiberglass pole according to the rod’s size, use a measuring tape and measure the length of your rod.Rod is damaged

Step 02: Epoxy is another essential ingredient. It will help you hold broken rods together. Pour the epoxy on the damaged area of the fishing rod. Before drying the ingredient, clean up the extra layer to adjust it to the outside surface of the rod. The epoxy has to coat the insert properly, so you must be careful about its measurement.Pour the epoxy on the damaged area of the fishing rod

Step 03: Take a piece of red thread tape to wrap the damaged area. Wrap it tightly so that it may have a beautiful outlook. You have to cover it with 4 inches to make the wrapping stronger. Now use sandpaper. It will smooth the edges of the broken part of your rod.wrap the damaged area

Step 04: Flex coat also works to make the broken part smooth, but not the broken part. The flex coat works to bring smoothness to the covered or wrapped area. So, take a specific amount of flex coat and apply it to the damaged area.

It would be best if you used a fiberglass pole to strengthen the rod. Remember to use a pole with a smaller circumference than your fishing rod.Flex coat fishing reel rod

How can I protect my fishing rod?

A fishing rod is a durable element. It wears out, but not quickly.

There are a lot of fishing rod manufacturers. The majority of them guarantee consumers long-term useability. If you take proper care of your fishing rod, it may last a long time. Moreover, the fishing rod is good for lifelong use.Modern fishing rods

Modern fishing rods can last for 20–50 years. There are many factors that determine the long lifespan of an item.

A fishing rod is essential if you like to hunt fish regularly. But, if you want the proper durability of your fishing rod, you have to be careful about it.

You can keep your fishing rod at home, in the garage, or in the basement. But it is recommended to keep it in a dry place. The fishing rod may be wet after use, so wipe it with a dry cloth. Do not keep the rod carelessly for the next use.

The quality of the manufacturing process is one factor that determines a fishing rod’s longevity. The most important things to getting a long-lasting rod are to check the company’s reputation and the rod quality.

What is a fishing rod made of?

The fishing rods are made of both single and combined materials. Fiberglass, graphite, or a new generation composite are the common materials. The combination of carbon fiber and graphite is also popular for making fishing rods now.

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