Take apart all the Shakespeare reel parts and gear

The Shakespeare reel is a popular one among fishing lovers. If you can take care of it properly, it will last a long time. But careless use can damage its tiny internal parts, and you need to open the reel to fix it. So here is the process of disassembling a Shakespeare reel.

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How to Take Apart a Shakespeare Reel?

If you use the Shakespeare reel for a long time and find any problems, you must disassemble it to service it. Now we are presenting how to take apart the fishing reel.

Wear a protective glove: This task is foremost because you should keep your hand safe from the oil and lubricant from the reel.

Take an empty tray: When you disassemble the parts of the reel, you should store them in a specific place. So, you will not face any problems with losing any part of the reel.

Take off the handle: The handle is the first exterior part of the fishing reel that you should take off. Hold the fishing reel steadily and turn the handle around. When you screw it out, it will automatically be taken off. Keep the handle on the tray.

Remove the spool: The next task is to remove the spool from the fishing reel. This task is easy because you can easily remove it by turning around the spool.

Remove the body: After removing the spool, the fishing reel will come to your hand. You may find the body a little bit dirty. It would be best if you cleaned it up before attaching it again.

Take off the shim washers: In this situation, you should remove the shim washers. Sometimes they stay together, but sometimes it is difficult to remove the washers. Removing the click washers is comparatively difficult. So, when you are unable to remove the washer using your fingers, you can use a little plier and hold the washer.

There are shim washers for the spool height and the click rachet, which makes noise when the spool lets out the drag. Remove them consistently.

Remove the nut: There is a twelve-millimeter nut under the washer. So, take a twelve-millimeter wrench and remove the nut with it. The nut will come off by counterclockwise removal.

Remove the rotor: After removing the 12-millimeter nut, the rotor underneath the nut will automatically come off by hand. You have to notice that there is a lock plate underneath there.

Apply a little bit of oil: You should apply a little oil when separating the bail trip. Moreover, you can also lube the seams of the bail to make it more flexible.

Remove the four side plate screws: There are four screws on the reel’s sides. Take a screwdriver and remove the screws to open the bail. Place the screws on the tray which was used for placing the necessary equipment.

Open up the fishing reel: You can use a knife when you want to open the reel up and take out its inner parts. Because the part is a little sealed, opening it using a knife is no problem.

Take out the cross-arm and gear: Finally, you will find some essential mechanical equipment that also controls the fishing reel’s work. Take out the things and keep them on your tray.

Disassembling the Shakespeare fishing reel is complete now. 

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