How to take apart a Spincast reel to fix inner parts?

Necessary tools

  1. A flat-head screwdriver
  2. A plier

Spincast reel disassembly: Step-by-step guide

Loosen the cover screw

The cover of the spincast reel is attached to the reel with a cover screw. First, you should use a flat-head screwdriver to loosen the cover screw. But, removing the screw is not necessary to take the cover off.Loosen the cover screw

Remove the cover

After loosening the screw, the cover will easily come off. Give a little twist so that the cover pulls off with it. A slight twist is enough to remove the cover, and there is no need to use any other device.Remove the cover

Remove the backside

Now you will remove the back of the fishing reel by holding it and pulling it with a pop. Sometimes you need to pry it off, or sometimes you can pull the back off to remove it from the reel. The condition of your fishing reel will determine what to do. It primarily depends on how frequently you clean the reel.Remove-the-backside

If you clean it regularly, you can pull off the back of the reel and remove it. You will see the retaining piece when you pop the top of the back.

Remove the handle

Use a screwdriver and remove the handle of your fishing reel by rotating it. You can find a knob under the back of the reel that automatically catches the fishing line. It will take off gradually if you rotate it counterclockwise.Remove the handle

Remove the retaining clip

You can use the help of a flat-head screwdriver to remove the retaining clip with a twist. Otherwise, it may be difficult to remove the clip and expose the inner surface.

Removing the screw and the retaining clip is a must for taking out the retaining plate of the reel.

Remove the retaining plate & pinion gear

There is a retaining plate under the retaining clip. There is no washer with the fishing reel’s round or circled retaining plate. You can easily remove it with your hand.

This is the final part to remove to take apart your spincast reel. Moreover, a pinion gear is too hard to remove from the reel.

How can I clean my spincast reel?

Taking apart the spincast reel is necessary for cleaning it or replacing any damaged parts of the spinning reel.

After removing the retaining plate and pinion gear, you will get access to the inside of the spincast reel. There are several methods of cleaning the spincast reel. Take a toothbrush and clean the specs of dirt. This process is the easiest for almost every reel.

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