Is it safe to use Vaseline as a fishing reel bearing grease?

Can I use Vaseline as my fishing reel-bearing grease? Well, it is a common question now for fishing reel users.

Vaseline is a well-known brand of petroleum jelly that is commonly used as a moisturizer and even as a grease. But we must know if using Vaseline as a grease is good.

Can I use Vaseline as grease on the fishing reel bearings and gears?

If no reel-bearing grease is available near you, Vaseline can be a perfect alternative. You can use it on your fishing reel bearing to make it flexible and smooth.

Instead, it would be best if you tried to have a branded grease reel bearing. Although many people use Vaseline, the most suitable grease can keep your reel in good condition and provide better service than Vaseline.

For freshwater fishing, Vaseline is ok. But Vaseline is not good to apply after saltwater fishing because it can not go deep and lubricate all the inner parts. Nevertheless, you have an opportunity to use Vaseline as grease after saltwater fishing if you can not get the grease.

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Alternatives to Vaseline:

Can I use gun oil as grease on the fishing reel bearing?

The place where you live is the most important factor in determining the use of gun oil as your fishing reel grease.

use gun oil as grease on the fishing reel bearingGun oil works well as an alternative to fishing reel lubricant. So, if you can easily access gun oil, you can use it without any hesitation.

But do not expect much from gun oil’s performance as a lubricant. Since gun oil wears out quickly, it needs to be replaced after one or two fishing trips.

Can I use motor oil as grease on the fishing reel bearing?

Although motor oil is not suitable for use as grease on the fishing reel bearing, I wouldn’t say directly “No.”

Motor oil is a synthetic oil. This characteristic makes it similar to reel oil because it is also synthetic. It is a good alternative to Vaseline as it is appropriate for trucks and other vehicles.

But, you must avoid it when grease is available around you.

If you have a motor oil that is 5W30 or similar that is quite thin, you may apply it to the reel. But, it is the solution for that specific time when you are in a hurry.

Can I use mineral oil as grease on the fishing reel bearing?

use mineral oil as grease on the fishing reel bearingThere are many lubricating solutions and mineral oil out there. Turpentine is a type of mineral oil and is quite corrosive. So, you should wear gloves on your hands before handling the material.

Now, the question is – is mineral oil good as grease on the fishing reel bearing? No, the corrosive appearance of mineral oil can damage your reel in some weeks. So, you should choose the other alternative of grease for the reel bearing.

What kind of grease can I use for saltwater fishing?

Fine grease is a popular and well-performing lubricant to use in a fishing line after every fishing type. It reaches the fine areas of the fishing reel, which are hard to reach with the available grease.

Saltwater fishing is a different fishing experience for fishermen. It allows for attaching more specks of dirt, including sand, salt, and mud, to the fishing reel. After saltwater fishing, high-performance grease is required for a fishing reel.

Vaseline vs. fishing reel lubricants

Several reel lubricants are available from many renowned brands on They are made specifically for use on a fishing reel as a lubricant. But Vaseline isn’t just for lubricating fishing reels.Vaseline vs. reel lubricants

Although Vaseline works well both as a petroleum gel and grease, there is some confusion among fishing reel users as to whether it is similar to a reel lubricant.

Traditionally, Vaseline has been a common fishing reel grease alternative. It works well and makes the reel good. Vaseline has no corrosive material, so it does not rust or corrode the fishing reel.

Although Vaseline is a good solution, it is not quite similar to fishing reel grease. Generally, White Lithium based grease is made for bearing that resists water, so they are considered a better solution than Vaseline.

Cleaning a fishing reel

How to clean a fishing reel after saltwater fishing?

Saltwater fishing makes the reel more complicated to rinse and wash. But, there is a simple way of cleaning the fishing reel to make it free from dirt and sand.

  • Tighten the fishing reel’s drag so that no water can enter it.
  • Wash the reel with soap and pure water. You can also use vinegar.
  • Now, rinse the fishing reel carefully with water. Take care of the waste, including the dirt and sand. You have to remove the waste efficiently.
  • Dry the reel.
  • Use a lubricant. You can use Vaseline, oil, or other popular lubricants instead of a branded fishing reel lubricant.

How to clean a fishing reel after baitcasting fishing?

Maintaining a bait-caster fishing reel is hard. But it is not impossible at all.

However, pouring only water and soap to clean the reel bearing is not enough. There is a proper way to clean a fishing reel after bait casting.

Follow the tasks step by step and make your bait caster fishing reel clean.

  • Collect the essential materials. Cotton pads and cotton swabs for cleaning the reel’s inside. Take Reel oil, grease as lubrication and rubbing alcohol, soap or degreaser as cleaners, and two soft towels for wiping the wet reel.
  • Clean the reel’s outer part. It is not necessary to remove the reel cover because you can easily wash the outside surface of the reel with a soft cloth using your hand.
  • Take your reel apart to clean the inner parts of the device.
  • Separate spool, line, handle, drag system, and other parts of the reel.
  • Now, clean the separate parts of the reel carefully.
  • Clean the handle of your baitcasting reel. Abrase it with a soft-touch brush so that it may remain sound.
  • Reassemble the different parts of the reel.

How often should I clean my bait-caster fishing reel?

Cleaning and greasing a fishing reel is necessary for good fishing. So, it would be best if you kept it clean.

It will be enough if you can clean the bait caster fishing reel once a month. With efficient cleaning, the reel will stay in a smooth and sound condition.

Final thoughts

It is pretty accurate that Vaseline is a suitable material as an alternative to fishing reel-bearing grease. So, when you do not find any solutions, you can apply them. It is a good solution both as a moisturizer and as a grease. However, using Vaseline as a free-bearing grease does not harm your bearing. So, it is popular among reel users.

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