Make a fishing rod in 5 minutes in the wild

Fishing in the wild is an adventurous task. But is it possible to make a fishing rod in the wild if you don’t have a fishing reel? Yes, anyone can make it quickly. But, there is some equipment needed for the task. However, you can follow the tasks mentioned in this article.

Making a fishing rod in the wild

Make a fishing pole with bamboo

Step 01: Take a bamboo piece

If you want to make a bamboo fishing rod, you must collect a suitable bamboo piece for fishing. The piece should be straight and stiff.

The bamboo piece should be 8-10 feet long and 1-2 inches in diameter.bamboo fishing rod

Step 02: Trim the cane and let it dry

Trimming away any leaves or nubs will make your cane surface smooth. However, the cane will be good for holding for a long time.

After completing the trimming process, keep it in a warm place for several weeks and make it dry.

The difference in the temperature of the warm place will determine how long you should keep the cane in the place. Sometimes it may be several weeks; sometimes, it may be a month.

Do not keep the cane in the sun. It will dry the cane too quickly; the cane will be brittle. But, a warm place is perfect for drying the cane in a sufficient time.

Step 03: Rig the fishing line

It is time to attach a good and lengthy fishing line with your bamboo pole. Attach it with your reel, and tie a knot. Twist the line with the reel and turn the handle around.Rig the fishing line

You should attach the fishing line to the reel very carefully. The tight line helps the fishing line to gain memory for the spool. But, too tight a line will be a failure to slide the line from up to down. However, losing a fishing line can droop and get tangled. So, you should rig the line in a perfect measurement.

The last step is fishing the line with a slip bobber, split shot, and a hook. Be careful about removing the hook easily.

Why are bamboo fishing poles good?

The bamboo fishing poles are suitable for users who enjoy their fishing poles’ slow and flexible action. The subtle and delicate presentation of the bamboo pole is suitable for expert fishing.

Fishing rod with a stick for kids

Making a kids’ fishing pole is an easy task. You can make it with a sturdy stick instead of bamboo. However, the following steps will show how you will easily make a fishing rod for the kids.

Step 01: Collect a solid stick

The stick should be solid and shorter than general fishing rods. Approximately 8 feet of the stick is perfect for preparing a kids’ fishing rod.  

It is better to find a wooden stick to use for fishing. Wooden sticks are durable and will perform well after having a touch of water daily.

Step 02: Set a fishing line

Attach a 2 – 3 feet fishing line to the stick. The line should be comfortable to twist and spread. So, make it a perfect position.

The hook will catch the target fish. So, take a hook and tie it to the fishing line.

Making a quick fishing rod with a PVC pipe

Yes, you can easily make a fishing pole if you have PVC pipes with you. It is straight and stiff, so it may be perfect as a pole.

Two PVC pipes, a drill, a fishing line, and a fishing hook must be arranged to make the fishing rod. So, take the equipment with you if you are in a jungle or other place where you have to prepare the fishing rod.How can I make a fishing rod with a PVC pipe

Now, go according to the following steps to prepare a fishing rod with PVC pipe.

Step 01: Cut 2  PVC pipes with a saw

Fix the perfect diameters of the two PVC pipes. The pipes must have a slight difference in diameter. Use a saw to cut down the pipes in perfect diameters.Use a saw to cut down the pipes

You may ask why one piece of pipe is not enough for a fishing reel. Actually, the thicker PVC pipe should be used as a handle. The thinner and more flexible one will stay on the front part to hold the fish efficiently.

Step 02: Attach the threaded connectors

The slip caps and the threaded connectors are necessary for attaching the two pipes and making a large fishing rod.Attach the threaded connectors

You have to drill on the connectors to put a screw here and attach the pipes.

Step 03: Attach a fishing reel

After connecting the PVC pipes, the fishing rod is almost ready. Now, you will attach a fishing reel to the bottom of the PVC. The most appropriate way to attach the reel is to drill the rod and connect the reel with screws.Attach a fishing reel

Take a suitable fishing line and wrap the reel with it. Take a hook and attach it to the top of the line.

Related issues

Can I catch fish without a fishing rod?

If you are in a region where you are not finding any road, you have to take an alternative process. But is it possible to catch fish without using a fishing pole? Obviously, it is possible.

Hunting a fish with only a fishing line and hook is not impossible. But, it slightly increases your hard work.

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How can I catch fish without a rod?

First, you have to take a fishing line. Now, attach a fishing hook to the top of the line. It would be best if you baited the fishing hook with a perfect lure. It will help you to attach the targeted fish quickly.

Now, throw the fishing hook into the water and hold the line carefully. Be careful as the line does not slip away from your hand. When you feel the fish is pulling the lure, you will draw the line back and try to catch the fish.

Why are fishing rods necessary?

A fishing rod’s most crucial task is increasing the line’s power and tension. But, if you use the line without a rod, you will get less power and tension. As a result, catching larger fish will be difficult.

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