Can you use vaseline on fishing reels? Fishing reel lubricant alternatives

Fishermen may be confused about the perfect grease to keep their fishing reels smooth. Some users want to use Vaseline, oil, and WD40, but they are not so good for having a sound fishing reel for a long time.

I would not recommend Vaseline to apply to the gears of a reel if there is another option available. Because when the weather gets hot, the vaseline gets melted and sweats out by the handle. You can only use it if there is no better grease out there.

Vaseline is unable to reach the smallest part of the fishing reel. 

Can I use Vaseline or petroleum jelly as grease on a fishing reel?

You can use Vaseline as a grease. You can also use Vaseline on your fishing reel to keep it smooth. But if you want to clean the smallest part of your fishing reel, you should use a reachable lube, not Vaseline.

The manufacturer does not consider Vaseline or petroleum jelly a lubricant but works as a lubricant. Although it is not the best lube option for reels, it is popular among people.

However, Vaseline reduces friction and increases the metal’s durability. So, Vaseline may keep the fishing reel safe from conflict.

Is Vaseline a good lubricant for a fishing reel?

Fishing reel lubricant is a different thing. Several companies supply appropriate fishing reel lubricants to make your reel smooth and safe. You may find them on or If you cannot get a reel lubricant, you can solve the task with Vaseline then, which is near your hand.

How to use Vaseline on a fishing reel?

Do you want to make your fishing reel fluent with Vaseline? Follow the steps below.

  • First, put a sufficient amount of Vaseline on a clean cloth. Now, pinch the cloth down on the line. Spool the line onto the reel until the Vaseline reaches all parts of the reel.
  • The amount of Vaseline may be inappropriate the first time around. Do not lose hope; apply a sufficient amount of Vaseline again to the reel and make it flexible.
  • Vaseline can clog the gears of your fishing reel quickly. So, take it away from the gear while pouring it into the reel.

What are the best fishing reel lubricant alternatives?

Generally, Vaseline is used as a lubricant on a fishing reel. If you want to use a perfect fishing reel lube for your reel, you can collect one from the following list.

Yamalube Marine Multi-Purpose Grease:

Yamaha, the famous brand, is the producer of Yamalube ACC multi-purpose grease. It is well-performing and appropriate for professional fishermen.

Precision Reel Grease Penn X-1R:

It is a custom-designed grease for fishing reels or other elements. Penn X1R has a remarkable ability to perform across a wide temperature range. It has several advantages, including water stability, wear protection, rust protection, and load-carrying capacity.

If you are dissatisfied with Vaseline and are unable to obtain a fishing reel lube, there are other options. You can find the following ingredients quickly.

Baby oil:

It is a manufactured item made from mineral oil. It is similar to petroleum jelly. So, there is no problem with using baby oil instead of Vaseline.

The advantages of using baby oil on the fishing reel

  • Baby oil is a complementary treatment for your fishing line to make it more flexible and soft.
  • The oil reduces the memory of your fishing line. Moreover, it increases the casting distance.
  • It does not contain any harmful chemicals. So, it never harms your targeted fish by damaging the fishing line.

Hair conditioner:

Hair conditioner is also tested as a safe product for people and the environment. You can apply it to the fishing line to increase its durability and performance.

First, the conditioner should be melted with water. It is a thick material, so you must make it appropriate by mixing it with water.

The hair conditioner and water ratio should be 1:4. Then, pour it into a spray bottle to spray onto the fishing line.

You should run the line through the soaked cloth when you spool the fishing line onto the reel. Keeping it until the fishing line absorbs the conditioner overnight would be best.

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Final verdict

Cleaning and degreasing a fishing reel is necessary for a good fishing experience. Vaseline does an excellent job as a reel degreaser.

If you maintain the proper measurement of Vaseline, you can clean and maintain your fishing reel more easily.

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