What is anti-reverse on a spinning reel?

The term “anti-reverse” is common among fishermen who use spinning reels. The feature prevents the reel from turning backward. It also engages the drag and helps the user catch fish efficiently. This feature is related to comfort fishing and allows the ‘back-reel’ rather than the drag. So, the anti-reverse fishing system helps you fight a big fish.

Understanding the anti-reverse system on a spinning reel:

The anti-reverse system is a common term which is also known as back reeling. It is an overall process to catch small or medium fish in the easiest way. Significantly, many fishermen now use anti-reverse systems with their fishing reels.

The main reason for using the anti-reverse system is to catch larger fish. The back-reel allows the fishing reel to fight against large fish to catch them efficiently.

Most of the spinning reels require the flip of the feature switch. It allows the spinning reels to turn backward. But, the anti-reverse fishing reel prevents the reel from turning backward and engages the drag system.

The advantages of the anti-reverse spinning reel:

Anti-reverse spinning reels are becoming increasingly popular in society. It has several advantages to satisfy you by making your fishing easier.

  • The anti-reverse fishing reel prevents the reel from turning backward. Thus, it makes fishing easier.
  • It creates an effect on the line tension during fishing. The tension is necessary for fishing.
  • You should cast your bait into deeper water to hunt the large fish. The anti-reverse system allows you to back up. But, it does not disturb your bait.


  • An anti-reverse switch gives you a lot of tension in the line. But the tension is inappropriate for fighting against a large fish.

The anti-reverse button

There are some fishing reels that come with the anti-reverse switch or button at the bottom of the spinning reel. The button allows you to go to the back reel. The tension you put on the fishing line should be controlled. Moreover, it is helpful to use the switch in reverse instead of depending on your drag system for line tension.


The anti-reverse switch makes fishing easier. But, you must remember to switch the anti-reverse system off when fighting with a larger fish. 

How to use an anti-reverse spinning reel?

The process was briefly discussed in the previous points. You must keep the anti-reverse system open at all times. It allows you to flip it off when the fishing reel is spinning.

The anti-reverse helps you to know when you have to disengage it. The situation comes when the targeted fish pulls the line hard. Thus, it adds tension to the line and gives you the notification to turn the system off. 

Do not worry when the anti-reverse disengages. The “back-reel” options are present to use in that situation. When you face the consequence, you will switch to the back-reel, and the reel will start to give it some space. Thus, the reel will start to fight against the fish. When it starts to calm down, you can switch it back.

If you want to catch the fish without the risk of losing it, you must maintain a good amount of constant tension throughout the fishing line. If the line slackens, it can slip the hook out of the mouth of the fish. As a result, you may lose the fight.

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