Spincast reel won’t reel in: Fix it easily

For several reasons, spincast reels are popular among anglers. The reels are durable, cost-effective, lightweight, and compact. Moreover, A spincast reel is easy to use and has a lower maintenance cost.

Some anglers may face a problem where their spincast reel does not reel in. As a result, their fishing line becomes tangled, and the cast bail becomes askew. However, due to other functional issues with their reels, they are unable to cast the fishing line far away.

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Why is my spincast reel not reel in or locked up?

Suppose you are trying to rotate your spincast reel, but you can not. It refers to the problem of your locking fishing reel. It is also called a jammed fishing reel.

Locking up the spincast reel may cause simple or disastrous issues. There are some common reasons for causing the spincast reel’s locking.

  1. Broken handle
  2. The jamming rotation part is loose.
  3. Corrosion
  4. Poorly aligned gears
  5. The absence of lubricant
  6. Saltwater fishing

It may have happened for several reasons when the spincast reel does not reel in. First, when the fishing reel is jammed, it may stop reeling. Secondly, the tangled line may cause the issue. Because when your fishing reel’s line is tangled, it will restrict the spinning reel from rotating smoothly and stop reeling.

How to fix a spincast reel that won’t reel in?

Now, follow a simple way to solve the locking fishing reel’s problem.

Necessary items

  1. Soap and water.
  2. Multi-sized screwdriver
  3. Grease
  4. a fresh, dry towel

Step 01: Take off the drag system

You have to continue cranking the drag system until it goes all the way off. Keep it beside the reel when you can pull it and take it in your hand. Keeping the drag system on a clean towel is highly recommended.

Step 02: Remove the top part and the screws

The top part of the reel function is under the drag system. Remove the part and the screws. Keep them on the towel beside the drag system.Remove the top part and the screws

Step 3: Remove every part of the reel

Each part of the spinning reel should be taken off. Keep the pieces separately on the towel so you can find them easily after cleaning.

Step 04: Clean them with warm soapy water

Now take some water in a bowl and sink every part of the reel into the water. The water should be warm, and you must mix soap with it. Abrade the parts of the fishing reel with a smooth toothbrush.

Step 05: Put on the different parts of the reel

You have to dry up the parts of the reel by wiping them with a dry cloth. Now, take the pieces and put them on again.

Step 06: Apply degreaser

If there is any functional issue with why your fishing reel is not locking, the degreaser will fix it. So, pour a fishing reel degreaser into the reel and rotate the reel again.

What can I do when my fishing line is tangled?

  • Remove the reel cover:

If your fishing reel is a baitcasting reel, it must have a housing cover. The first task in entering the fishing reel mechanism is taking off the cover.

  • Test the ends of the spool:

Some gears allow the line to go out or in, which is called a bushing. Check that no line is caught in the bushing. If you get it, try to pry it out. You should use a screwdriver to remove the line from the bushing easily.

  • Check the cast bail mechanism:

The cast bail is a reliable mechanism for the reel’s tangles. You have to check if there is any tangled line in the cast bail. If you find it, gently pry it out. Now, reel in the line.

  • Pinch the cast bail:

When you pinch the bail, the two ends will come free from the bail housing. Now, look for any bending present in the bail. If you find that no bend is present in the bail, pinch the bail again. Put it back into the housing. It will ensure that it is not askew.

Why is my spincast fishing reel not casting far?

There are mainly two reasons for the spincast reel not casting far.

  1. An ancient line is not able to cast far. If you leave a tiny line on the reel, your spincast reel can not cast far.
  2. The memory loops are also reliable for the problem. They prevent casting distance.


  • Change the fishing line

If the line is too old, it will become an obstacle to casting the line far. The old line gets damaged gradually and loses its flexibility. So, you must change the fishing line immediately.

  • Leave sufficient lines on the reel

The fishing reel must have sufficient fishing line onto the reel. The reel will be able to throw a sufficient line into the water. So, if you feel your spincast reel’s fishing line is not casting far, you can leave an adequate amount of line onto the reel.

  • Fixing the line memory

If you feel that the line memory is causing the issue, you must repair it immediately because the problematic line memory decreases your casting distance. There is an easy process to fix the problem. Take the spool into your kitchen and run some high-temperature water on the fishing line. You can do the task for one or two minutes. Rotating the spool will ensure that all parts of the line have been heated up. Heating the line will remove the maximum memory from the fishing line.

Final Verdict

Many anglers like spincast reels. Its outstanding performance helps you cast it easily and hunt fish with pleasure. So, if you can maintain the reel and take proper care of it, you may use it for a long time.

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